Help!gum disease!?

I'm a bit anal about cleaning my teeth brushing them several times a day.however since being diagnosed with pbc (feb2013) my gums have been bleeding when I brushed dentist now decided I have gum disease and that I should have a deep pretty worried about this especially if I'm bleeding easily now.has anyone else had this?should I refuse and just get a regular clean?advice as always gratefully received.thank you

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  • It may be that your gums are just very sensitive but from past experience I would always get advice from dr if my gums were bleeding a lot.

  • I have lost quite a few teeth from gum disease even though I went to Eastman hospital in London. Part of the problem was the way the roots had joined together in the gums making pockets for the plaque to lurk in. I had deep cleaning, first at my dentists and then at Eastman but that didn`t solve the problem. If your dentist thinks that deep cleaning will help your gums then really you should take his advice. You can clean your teeth many times but if you are not getting to where the plaque is I am afraid it will continue. I had to have 3 implants, but have had no problems for about 10 years.

  • Hello cazz22.

    I only went back to the dentist recently for the usual check-up and I did mention that I had been hearing that PBC patients could be more prone to bone problems and also teeth and gums.

    I asked him specifically about bleeding gums and he said that if there was no plaque or any problems then my teeth in particular should not suffer from any bleeding gums. I did have a polish and scrape a couple years ago but I cannot stand the fact that then the gums do seem to bleed at the time and then you get throbbing gums for a couple days following. I said I wasn't having one last year due to the fact that I cannot stand the scraping bit but also I've always thought that following your teeth seem to feel gritty like the top layer has had a file to them and my thoughts are that longer term they are then being exposed to damage occurring. This is my way of thinking though.

    I am 50 next week and my teeth look far better than most of my son's friends who haven't reached aged 30 yet. I've never had any crowns, bridges, etc., just several fillings over the years.

  • Hi cazz22. I was a dental nurse for 35 yrs and still work at a dental practice and I have PBC! As you can imagine I am a bit anal about teeth and gums ! But I also have bleeding gums occasionally , I would definitely see a hygienist or dentist for a deep clean and have them every 3-6 months if that is whats recommended I do and it definitely helps I think mine bleed when I'm having a low point or that time oft the month even though I don't have periods anymore Hope this helps x

  • Hi sooo.thanks for gutted I've got to this stage cos I really look after my teeth.ive been seeing dentist every 3 months since being diagnosed with an idiot I googled deep clean because I've never heard of it and it got me long will it be before gums stop bleeding from treatment?i seem to bleed easily these days plus really worried about allyoutj being made numb and what pain killers to use afterwards?as you see I'm a poor patient

  • That should have said mouth made numb

  • I go to the hygienist every six months and have done so for years for a deep clean. At the beginning I had gum disease, but, because of going to her every six months and being very careful in the cleaning of my teeth and gums, I haven't had any bleeding for years. However, every time I go to the dentist I have to go through the list of prescribed and self-prescribed meditation I take and a couple of years ago, when I reiterated that I take Co-enzyme Q 10, the dentist told me that then recent research had shown it to be very effective in keeping teeth healthy. Perhaps it's also effective in keeping gums healthy? No idea, but I've kept on taking it.

  • Thanks pat h.thats def worth looking into.ive bought nearly every tooth brush rinse aid paste you can think of.will look for some q 10 tablets.

  • Hi just an update.thanks to google and waging war on gums in one week of flossing twice a day brushing for 3mins starting at back teeth and salt water mouth rinse I've evaded the dreaded deep dentist cannot believe the difference and to be fair I hadn't realised I had gum disease but I can physically see the difference.pretty pale pink gums instead of rosy pink no bleeding no dry taste in mouth.all she advices now is an electric tooth brush and she will see me in 3 months

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