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I wonder if?

Just pondering at 3.10am in the morning when not sleeping! Having looked on the Liver Trust website and the details related to a funded research programme, this focused on a certain area which looked at whether the condition may be related to a virus which could have been dormant and then reactivated later in life. I am wondering if anyone with PBC has had a serious condition in their past which could have produced such a virus. I am thinking (from my experience) when I had a serious bout of Salmonella food poisoning when I was in my late 20's (I'm 57 now) and was in an isolation hospital for 6 weeks. My digestion was never the same after that. I have since had my gallbladder removed and then diagnosed a year after with PBC I know other studies are looking at the genetic side of the source, but I do know a few people with PBC who have also had a traumatic digestive episode in their younger lives. Anyway, makes you think, doesn't it?

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Hello Ginger_11.

I can't say I have ever had some sort of virus years ago that I know of. All I had when I had just turned aged 13 was my appendix out which a week later I got an infection in the site and was on antibiotics.

Apart from an odd bout of low iron during my adult life (I am 50 this later this month) I've not really suffered anything that I know of.

Prior to 2010 when I started itching I hadn't had a prescription from a GP since 1999 when I had tonsillitis and got a course of antibiotics and when the course finished I was left with thrush.

I've never really had a problem with eating over the years but I've remained quite slim (5ft 2" tall and always around 9st 7lbs. Since 2010 and PBC diagnose Dec 2010 I usually weigh around 8st 10lbs - well I did today). I have been energetic though all my adult life and quite a walker in every day life. Since stating urso and knowing I have PBC I do now find that I can't eat much following the evening meal. But thinking, I sort of tapered off there several years ago, I am a much better eater earlier part of the day and up until around 4p.m.

My own theory regards how I personally could have developed PBC is due to having Hepatitis immunisations when I started a job at a medical surgery 4yrs prior to starting to itch. Whether that was my switch I do not know but I somehow think it might have been.


I really don't know, but when I was 29 and had my son I bled out in labor and ended up with Shehaan syndrome. I lost my thyroid, it just died. I have been on thyroid replacement for 37 years. I had my Gallbladder out last summer in August and was DX with PBC in Feb. of this year. It does make you think.



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