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Counting down days to specialist appointment

I go to my specialist on 3/18. I know I won't have any major answers that day, but I'm still hoping he will give me an idea about things. I know I will probably need a biopsy, as my ana being high as well has caused them some pause to see if I have overlap syndromes, or its just from the PBC. I guess I'm a little anxious about the attitude of the doctor. If his bedside manner is bad I hope it doesn't dash my hopes. I'm not as anxious about this apt as I was my last one. I know I may be in for a long haul in the diagnosis of this.

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I saw my new consultant for the first time last week and, although I'd been telling myself not to expect too much, I didn't get any answers. This left me sobbing for an hour when I left the hospital. You are a stage further than me though as I've not even had the results of the antibody testing yet. It is very frustrating waiting. Good luck and don't be too disappointed if you don't find out a great deal.


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