How many of you with pbc have benefits ?

I have had pbc since 2010 also diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and possible Fibromyalgia along with Gord .. I've cut my working hours now since last October but fo not feel any benefit and haven't got a clue of where to start if I give up anymore hours I won't be able to afford the car I need to get to work ! Should be sleeping now as I have work tomorrow but brain won't shut off ! Any advice will be gratefully received by the way I will be 54 at end of month :)

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  • Hi, like you am in my early 50s and was struggling at work. I have PBC and was diagnosed 7 years ago. I was "pensioned off" by NHS in Scotland and went to Citizens Advice Bureau who were extremely helpful and got me the benefits I was entitled to. I have now been retired for over a year and it does make a difference.

  • I think the pbc foundation can help you claim for benefits.

  • Thanks Janey_baby I will give them a ring x

  • Hi. I was sacked for my sickness absence record. I claimed ESA and DLA. I also took my employer to tribunal for disability discrimination - they settled out of court.

  • I had to take ill health retirement from the nhs. I'm same age as you so is this a possibility in your line of work. Contact me if you want more details. Take care x

  • I am 55 next month and had to finish working in 2001 / 2 and yes had to claim benifits happy to help if i can feel free to contact me

  • You need to call ESA and DLA or what's replaced it and say your too unwell to work and see what you can claim. You need to state how bad you are on your really bad days else they won't help you. You need to get doctors or consultant notes and gather as much info as poss and a letter from either will also help too .

    Hope that helps - look on line to get the phone numbers xx

  • Thanks perkywerky I think I will go to citizen advice in my nxt week of the problem with my gastro consultant he keeps saying I'm not displaying any symptoms do I will needto convince him first I will take you up on the offer thou x Karen

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