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esa back pay won my tribunal got awarded work related component awarded how much wil i get in back pay

my claim started on 27th july 2012 am i right in thinking i wil get increase from 92nd day of claim which would be 27th oct 2012 my appeal was on 7th nov 2013 so wil my back pay b from oct 27th 2012 til 7th nov 2013 i

get income related esa and dont need to be reassessed for at least a year my money has not stopped i still get 71.70 a week my appeal says my money will go upto 100.15 a week but does not say when it gets back dated to or how long it takes to go up i got contributions based esa from 27th july 2012 til 26th july 2013 i now get income related esa so not sure what my back pay will be

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When you make a claim for ESA you get paid the assessment rate of £71.70 for the first 13 weeks. From week 14 you get the full rate. So just count backwards to week 14 and that's the week your money will be backdated to. How long it takes to get your backdated money varies. Mine took only a week but fir some it us much longer. I would email them, copy in your MP, and ask. Hope that Helios. Tessa x


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