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I won my esa appeal today

Hi all I've won my appeal today for Esa. I was put on esa back in April last year ( not in any category) receiving £201.00 every 2 weeks for me & my husband. I then went for a medical in October last year & received 0 points. I had my money stopped for 3 weeks I was told to appeal which I did I was put back on esa at a lower rate pending appeal in November last year. I wasn't allowed any cold weather payments till the appeal. Today I won & have been placed on the work related activity component. To be assed again in 12months. I'm on DLA & lower rate care & have been for 20+ yrs. can any one help as I don't know if I will be getting any back pay or what my new allowance should be. Any help on this matter would be really appreciated many thanks

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Are you income based or contribution based ?

If it's income the you will receive some money but will have interviews at the job centre to get you back into work all back money owed will be paid but can take up to 6weeks to come through

If your on contribution based then after 365 days your money will stop you'll then be expected to continue seeking employment

I hope this makes sense

ESA is decided into two categories then each of those differ depending on circumstances



Not to throw a spanner in the works as I don't understand much of the system as I hope never to have to apply for any type of benefit due to PBC but you never know how the future will pan.

I heard of something known as PIP last year and that is apparently replacing the DLA.

I also recently was informed by a friend that nearly all benefits and disability are going to be put together under one bracket and will be known as Universal Credit. I did have a snoop about this but can't say I know too much as I haven't been through the system and it now seems that if I ever need to do so it will all have changed.

There is some guidance on the Money Advisory Service website as I managed to get taken there for something else and noticed the article on there on Universal Credit. Apparently the Blue Badge for cars is also changing too according to the MAS site.


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