Key questions to ask heptologist?

Hey guys, I'm a 32yo male. I was diagnosed with pbc about 5 yrs ago and have been on ursofalk ever since. I also have suspected sjorgdens syndrome. The pbc seemed under control until about 6m ago when I started experiencing weight loss, v pale frequent stools, v dark urine, jaundice and more extreme fatigue. I had a ct scan and it picked up my gall bladder was infected, I got some antibiotics and it seems to have cleared the infection but it needs to be removed. My gastroenterologist has referred my to a liver specialist as my bilurubin has tripled to 95. I have portal hypertension but no varices yet. What are the key questions I need to ask at this point? Cheers all.

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  • Hi Waxxy are you on Urso? Prob the best questions to ask are at what stage of the disease you are at and what treatment would help your current situation? All the best take care. x

  • Thanks. I am on urso and have been since I was diagnosed. I guess it's come as a bit of a shock knowing my liver has deteriorated after being pretty stable for years. My gastroenterologist has mentioned transplantation, I think the realisation that is now becoming a more likely potential outcome for me is quite daunting. I've just had a baby and that changes your perspective a lot.

  • Aww waxxy I hope all goes ok for you.. Keep us posted.. Congratulations in the baby :-)

  • On the baby

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