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Any one having trouble getting Quesrran Light have been to collect mine today and have been told they carn't order any in they are out of stock due to a recall I only thought this was for Questran not the Questran Light but have been told it's both of them so where do we go from here do we just have to wait or is there something else we can take until it's sorted. Take Care x

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  • Where do you live Cavi? I am from N.Ireland and haven't had a problem getting it and sincerely hope I dont as its the only thing that gives me reprieve from the itch. Hope you get sorted soon.

  • Thanks Littlemo I live in the West midlands I will go and have a word with the Pharmacy tomorrow, I have got a few to keep me going,how many do you have a day I take 2 twice a day but the itching is still bad I think I might need more so just wondered how many you have to take to get some relief from the itch Many Thanks

  • Hi Cavi I take two in am one before and one after breakfast (great advice was given from PBC foundation over a yr ago after having been on it for over 11,yrs no dr or pharmacist had given me that advice!) and find this usually keeps it fairly mild and tolerable during the day. If find it is bad during the day I would take another one before i eat a meal. Night time troublesome for all us itchies. I used to take one with a light supper before bedtime but found still woke with it so now I just take glass of water(and a bottle of water if need extra in the night) to bed and take one or two sachets during the night as and when required. Snoozy was on here recently singing the praises of a drug called Rifampicin that is prescribed for the itch if the Questran does not work for you you should ask about this. If you click on my icon read my past posts have some advice in there re things that haave found over the yrs have helped or hindered the itch. Best of luck I know how absolutely mentally and physically annoying it can be when at its worst.

  • P.s. Meant to say my consultant told me couple of yrs ago when my itch was horrendous again, could take up to 6 sachets of Questran a day. However you need to be careful if taking other meds as it can affect the absorption of those but you may already know that. Plus it can affect the absorption of vitamins from your diet so I try only to take extra ones in the day ajnd night if nothing else I try settles the itch.

  • Thanks again Littlemo I think I will up my dose to 3 or 4 and try to fit medication in between 2 are pointless the itch is horrendous still .Yes I have heard Rifampicin but tried the Questran Light first was hoping this would help I don't suppose it works for everyone it hasn't for a few on here Take Care

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