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Has anyone on her had Plasmopheresis for the dreaded itch?

My consultant mentioned this to me about a year or so ago when I had a horrendous yr with the itch. However to cut a long story short the itch settled and I didnt need it. However itch seems to be getting little more troublesome past week or so so am wondereing if I should try this. Does it work and is it painful to have?

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Hi littlemo,

I did a course of Plasma apheresis, earlier this year. it was trice a week for 8 weeks. my experience may be different to others. it was not successful. hurts only from the needles stabbing you in both arms every 3 days. you can put a semi permanent shunt in and save being stabbed every visit- I didn't want to have that . my itch has vastly improved through the drug Rifampicin, 300mg a day. life is so much better. good luck with your choice.


Thanks Snoozy will discuss with dr think taking the Rifampicin sounds like the better option!


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