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ALP Mine field?

I have been looking into what the normal ALP value should be!

and I found three different types that state the level is based on (IU/L) International Units per litre; so how do you decide or know whats what!!!

Here is what I found:

44 to 147 IU/L

20 TO 40 IU/L

30 TO 120 IU/L

Which one is right for you?

The mind boggles..............

Which value are your ALP's based on?

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The normal range on the blood tests I had done was 20 - 105 u/L - that is in Australia :-)


This is the same for my tests, going via the Laverty Pathology.

Mine came back at 224, so out of range for me ;(


That is the amount I got as well for normal 20 -105 U/L and I am in Australia too. Mine was 768 at last blood test. I feel OK.


The ones I had done in the UK are 30 - 130 IU/L and my last ALP was 560.

The values in Germany are (where I had bloods as well as I commute between the UK and Germany) 35 - 104 IU/L.

Yes, I noticed that there are some differences in the values. However, I would suggest that you just go with the values used by your hospital/GP at least that's what I do.


The ALP range in the United States is 50-130. Dr. Gershwin, the "Guru" of PBC in the U.S. states that as long as your ALP is below 200,with Urso, you are in a bio-chemical remission & there is no fibrosis occurring. Many other leading PBC hepatologists agree, although some state 180 & below.


MY ALP on looking is currently at 280 though 4 months ago it was at 224 but it has gone up and down in the last 2yrs.

Just prior to diagnose as just checked mine was 614, hence I do not bother as it is appearing for myself that I take two steps forward and then one step back with the results. Seem to slowly be coming down but I've only been on urso for just short of 2 and half years so on the whole not doing so badly.


I'm in the US and my ALP has been tested through LapCorp using the norm as 25-150 IU/L. My ALP is NOT elevated and has been 102 twice in a row, I however, have been d'xd because of elevated AMA, LFT's and IGM, and per an 'inconclusive' biopsy leaning toward PBC.


Best way to check what is considered normal is to look at your blood work print-out as labs can vary and I've noticed myself when I switched GP practices, there are some figure calculations that are set out slightly differently.

The normal range for that lab's testing is usually printed on the print-out and on mine I have exclamation marks (!) before the actual test if there is an abnormality be it below normal range or above.

I personally don't bother about what is said to be normal. I keep having my haemoglobin checking out at one point below the normal range, has bee for 2yrs now. I found out that this could be considered normal, particularly in a woman, the body apparently adjusts (read something about bloods on the Mayo clinic website and did query with GP late last yr).

For me as long as the results are not getting any worse or are slowly coming down, that is of no significance to me really as you have pointed out there appears to be some variations in text so it seems we do have that bit of leeway!


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