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Moving home

Can anyone advise please? We are moving home to a different area and we will need to register with a different health centre. I really dont want to go throughthe whole process of explaining pbc to a Dr who doesnt know what it is. I have just finished 'training' my Drs up here. :-) Is there anyone or anywhere I can contact and ask this question as there are two health centres and I need to choose one. Help!

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Try phoning the two health centers and ask them. tell them that you have PBC and ask if they have any doctors that might have a good knowledge of it to register with them. If not then it will be back to the teaching i am afraid but you could get some leaflets from the foundation to help.


i should have also said see if anyone on here is in your new area and if they can recommend one.


Thanks Zipitydoo. I will give them both a call tomorrow and see what they say. For any of you out there I am moving to the Brechin/forfar area.


Well June9961, I swapped GPs the month after diagnose (Jan 2011) as my husband of just over a year didn't want to register with the practice as he wasn't so keen on the 2 GPs I had seen through 2010. The GP I did see most of the time pre-diagnose of PBC (Dec 2010), I didn't take too kindly the day I got informed from him I had PBC as the hospital consultant wrote to him asking him to give me the information and also prescribe urso. I got a copy of his letter from the GP when I went in and the GP had marked it as routine and nothing of an urgency in telling me. I'd waited 2mths since having the AMA at the hospital by this time and when the GP receptionist rang saying the GP wanted to see me and she then gave me an appt for 5 days later (with the weekend in-between) I was not happy, especially after I asked what he wanted to prescribe me. When I heard urso I knew and wanted to know that very day.

My husband came in from work he got on to the surgery and explained in no blunt terms and we got an appt within that hour. As I saw it later, it might be a case PBC has no cure but there was no way of knowing at the time the pace it was going at and surely the sooner urso is started, the sooner the liver can start to attempt to make an adequate recovery.

I've had no joy at the practice I switched to, the GP I was put under and had to see was pretty useless. I don't think he had a clue about PBC at all and most of the time I did go in to see him I ended up in some discussion of which I know he didn't like as he came across as a GP who told his patients what he thought and how they should proceed and not the patient taking control themselves. In the 2yrs I was registered, I had to battle to get blodo results in print-out and this GP took to putting his message on them so I didn't have to go in to see him unnecessarily.

I did at the start of last month switch GP surgeries and in the next fortnight have my first visit as due the urso script and until I go in they will not put it on a repeat script. I'm hoping I get further with this surgery but at the same time I have to go thru it all again, asking for print-outs of blood results, probably saying why and I feel weary with it all to be honest. I'm not sure due to the other practice when I have to go in for the bloods anymore as the last one simply said to me later last yr., I should choose when I go in for them which I thought was so professional, not! I'm hoping straight-forward when I go to the surgery as I won't be going unnecessarily unless I have to with good reason as I've always been like that.


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