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ESA Appeal Refused, Can I Apply Again?

I was put onto ESA WRAG in november 2011 and this finished in Novemeber 2012. I suffer with severe agoraphobia, depression, social phobia and do not leave the house unless accompanied and even then it's a struggle. I have a CPN and now waiting to see physcologist. ATOS agreed that due to my illness I am unable to work at the moment and are continuting to pay my ni until july 2014. I put in an appeal to go onto support and the tribunal was today. I have had no benefit since November 2012 and today was dreadful, I am so annoyed and upset can't go into detail but they werent interested in my condition, I was asked to describe my day I said I would get up late morning make brew and sit watch tv all day. do you not eat she asked?? oh yes I make a sandwich I said. Silly things like this, not interested that I cant leave the house etc, she said you can go shopping with your partner so you mix with people in the supermarket. I said no, i don't have any contact with them, i shop and go home!! It was a total waste of time I wish I hadn't attended. And suprise suprise my appeal was REFUSED!! They said they accepted I was unable to work due to my illness but couldn't be put into the Support Group???? Came out in tears and just think wots the point. Why don't they understand what mental illness does to people.

Anyway what I wondered is can i apply again for ESA, as somebody mentioned you can apply after six months of your benefit ending but i'm not sure bout this and surely I would just get turned down? Any help or advice would be greatly received.

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