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Hypothyroid with severe vertigo (possible B12 deficiency?)

Hi everyone,

I’ve jumped over from thyroid community to ask about a good B12 product to take.

My b12 blood test was 547 ng/L (191-663). I am possibly celiac as well (need to do the test) but my digestion is bad and im mainly vegetarian. So I think a B12 spray would be good! Ive found “better You B12 Boost” (methylcobalamin) would this be a good product to take? Any opinions on the blood test?

Glad you guys are here the thyroid site is excellent and am sure you know your stuff too!



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Hi I am also in the thyroid site and come here but haven't had my b12 checked yet but think I need to. Yes methylcobalamin is the best one to take. Although your b12 looks not too bad I am not a dr and don't know very much maybe you don't have the active b12 in your cells. Soneone else might come on and tell you different.

Jo xx


Thanks Jo :) I actually wrote to Better you with my blood levels and got a reply in 3 hours recommending the amount of B12 to take etc. I take their vit D as my vit D was very low :(. Think i will go with them they were really helpful. This was her response:

"I’m sorry to hear that you are vitamin D deficient – as so many of us are these days. 17.9nmol/L is classed as severely deficient, so you are doing the right thing by supplementing. Although a fat-soluble vitamin, our bodies only begin to store vitamin D at a serum level of 40ng/ml; under this we use everything we receive. 17.9nmol/L is the equivalent of just 7.2ng/ml. As for storage, it only lasts 4 weeks in the body so even a healthy amount in the summer months will have been used up within a month of cloudy weather or during winter.

As a general rule, BetterYou advise that 1000IU of vitamin D is supplemented, per 25kg of body weight – as a maintenance dose, which you are correctly using. However as you are severely deficient we would recommend a dosage of 9,000iu for a period of 4 weeks (3 sprays of DLux3000 daily) and then reduce to a maintenance dosage of 3,000iu (1 spray) thereafter, or if you prefer, 1 sprays of DLux3000 and 1 spray of DLux1000, if that what the equivalent is for your body weight.

The vitamin D in DLux is sourced from Lanolin. We also use coconut oil in all our DLux sprays as the medium chain triglyceride – which promotes effective digestion.

Boost B12 oral spray will definitely be of benefit to you – particularly if you have digestive problems. Dr Chris Steele, a good friend of BetterYou suffers with Coeliac disease and he swears by Boost. B12 is a vital vitamin associated with energy production and body metabolism and is notoriously hard to absorb. A deficiency in B12, known as pernicious anaemia, can often go hand in hand with low iron levels or can be mistaken for low iron levels. The B12 in our sublingual Boost Oral Spray is absorbed straight into the bloodstream bypassing the digestive system where there can be difficulties absorbing the vitamin. We would suggest that you use between two to four sprays per day. Boost is a water soluble vitamin, so anything which you don’t need will be passed through.

Researchers at Cardiff University have found that our sublingual vitamin range, which is absorbed through the bloodstream via tissue in the cheek and under the tongue, guarantees effective supplementation, with the remainder absorbed via the traditional route of the digestive system."

Get your Bvit and VitD checked!



I hear good things regarding the range of better you B12, I've not tried it but have seen it recommended.

Re the vit D, shouldn't your dr be treating this? Mine came back at 12 and I start treatment tomorrow, I've got to have another blood test first. I'm having at least a 12 week course. As you are not much different to me surely you should be treated as well?


Sorry very late reply! no my doctor is not treating it, but im in Ireland so i dont know what they should be treating. She just said yes unfortunately many of us are low on vit D. Hoe are you feeling with the treatment?


Hi Bexyl reading what you have replied to me I think I should get them tested. Thanks

Jo xx


It will be interesting to see the results good luck! xx


Hi, I have hypothyroidism, at present inadequately treated, I also have vertigo or dizziness and loss of balance. I do not know if this is due to the hypothyroid condition or Vit B12 deficiency (recent test results Serum B12 490 Ferritin 7.2 Folate 49)looking at other blogs these figures seam bait low, or whether dizziness and loss of balance are the effects of a small stroke I had 4 months ago from which I have been told by the stroke doc I have recovered well. I am inclined to think it is due to the lack of thyroid replacement and possibly Vit B12 lack. what do you think?



I would definitely get everything sorted with your meds and take b12 too. A good website for us hypos is stopthethyroidmadness.com/d... ive put you straight to the ducks in a row section. why are you not optimal with your thyroid meds? Also under the "what we've learned section" is "how to interpret lab results". It all might set you on the right track! for the ferritin it says under 50 and you are too low just as an example.


My thyroids meds not optimal because switched by the endo to thyroxine which had caused many problems,hope it can be sorted as it is causing many problems.the problems is to get the doc to put me back on T3 plus to agree to do a referral for an Active B12 test and even then the test may come back not deficient. where does one get the form for Active B12 test GPreferral?


Sorry I wouldn't know that mariolin. There are private companies that do it. Genova diagnostics is an example. But it doesnt necessarily matter as B12 is water soluble and so you cant overdose on it.

From your results there, according to Stop the thyroid madness, you are low on both B12 and Iron.

Below is information from stop the thyroid madness

B-12 lab test: Measures an essential vitamin, B12, which can be low in hypothyroid patients due to low stomach acid. You are looking for an optimal B12 lab result at the top of the range.It is NOT optimal to simply be “in range”. If your range is similar to 180-900, a healthy level is 800 or higher. In the 500-800 range, you can benefit from taking B12 lozenges, specifically Methylcobalamin. It has been shown in studies that patients with labs under 350 are likely to have symptoms, which means the deficiency is very serious and has gone on for a few years undetected. Lab ranges are much too low for B12…in Japan the bottom of the range is 500.

FERRITIN test: Measures your levels of storage iron, which can be chronically low in hypothyroid patients. If your Ferritin result is less than 50, your levels are too low and can be causing problems…as well as leading you into anemia as you fall lower, which will give you symptoms similar to hypo, such as depression, achiness, fatigue. If you are in the 50's, you are scooting by. Optimally, females shoot for 70-90 at the minimum (Janie’s is 80 when her iron is good); men tend to be above 100 and optimally close to the 130's. If your ferritin is much higher, you could have hemochromatosis, a genetic disease in which too much iron is absorbed. But a more common reason is having INFLAMMATION, which will thrust iron into storage. In less common cases, higher ferritin can be from liver disease, alcoholism, diabetes, asthma, or some types of cancer. Or it may be normal for YOU. Men are generally higher than women without having the above problems.

You should be off all iron for at least 12 hours before testing to see what your body is hanging onto, and 5 days to see your true iron levels.

Take another look at you ferritin and folate did you give the results the wrong way round? If not you are seriously low on ferritin and high on folate.

What's your TSH and FT4 readings? and what were you on before the endo swopped you over?


I will have to check agin on my B12,folate and ferritin levels they were quickly read to me.

my TSH 0.13, freeT4 20.9 back in January after being onThyroxine75mcg for 6weeks.

Before being switched to Thyroxine I was taking Cytomel (t3) 271/2 mcg,and Nature Throid1/4 grain and my TSH was0.05 FreeT4 was 3.1and FreT3 7.8


Re Cytomel dose to be precise it should read Cytomel 27 and 1/2mcg


Why did the endo change your pills? were you better on cytomel? Im sorry i dont know about cytomel. There are so many things that can make us dizzy i have an article about how once you get vertigo you can perpetuate it as if your body just hangs on to it. Have you seen a specialist in dizzy/ balance problems (neuro otologist). If you haven't had a proper diagnosis (i haven't) maybe a referral to a neuro oto would be a step in the right direction. Dont let them fob you off with a neurologist either the two are different


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