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Borderline results?

Hi, I have recently had a pinprick bloodtest for b12 and iron, and was only just within the range. I was diagnosed with post viral fatigue syndrome/ME 14 years ago, and seem to take a long time to recover,think I've cracked it and recovered, then relapse again. The docs advice is to try to increase my general wellbeing, but that is where the advice ends!I have tried various supplements under a number of nutritionists over the years, but wonder if anyone can possibly recommend a good general b vitamin supplement or liquid please? Has anyone in a similar situation with borderline results found any benefits with supplementation please? Many thanks :)

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Hi Jo5454

I had a problem with the absorption fo Cyanocobalamin from a serum level of 130. I added Activis Vit. B Compound Strong Tablets which contain B1 - 2 - 3 & 6 in balanced proportions, this took my serum B12 reading from 130 to 480 in 6 weeks. I have recently had both Hol TC ( Active B12 ) levels taken followed by an MMA test and have now been told all is now excellent and I could even stop the medication and test again in 6 months. The idea behind the tablet addition was that my research indicated that B2 was needed to activate B6 and B6 was required for the absorption of B12. Now true or not, it has worked for me. Good luck hope you soon feel better. Oh! tablets available from chemists without a script. price around £ 4.80 for 28 tablets and I took 2 per day along with 2 of the Cyanocobalamin at 50 micro grams, but you could take this 3 times a day my consultant advised, take them with meals spread as equal as possible throughout the day, say breakfast - lunch - teatime, the idea there, is to mimic slow release tablets and allow the small intestine more time to absorb the B12. Hope it works for you too!


Methylcobalamin is much better absorbed by the body to help alleviate low b12. It is more expensive to buy from health shops but can be bought over the internet. Jarrows seems to be the most popular. Hope that helps.


I followed path similar to B12Turbo.

Two months ago bought all Bs at 100 mcg potency, and take one pill a day, in addition to the regular multivitamin, for did not want to miss on the minerals. Doses of Bs in multivitamins are insignificant. For instance, B3 (known as niacin) in most combinations is in the niacinamide form, not effective at all.

In addition, I take methylcobalamin format of B12 in sublingual strips or dissolving pills, at 5,000 mcgs/day. My iron is slow going up, but I feel more energy, enough to go out and run a few errands once a week.

Our bodies are wonderfully made, everything interacts. Recently learned that serotonin is created when tryptophan (amino acid) is present, and I get it from red meat and dairy products.

In that material I also learned that iron is absorbed when B6 and folic acid are present.

Good luck in your quest for good health!


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