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I dont get regular blood tests to check my pernicous anemia b12 levels last one was 4 years ago

I have also got tinnitus, fatigue and also some weird electrical zap feelings in my head i have had pernicious anaemia for 12 years and in all that time have not had regular blood tests i have my injections every 3 months and also my doctors put everything down to anxiety my brother in laws dad has same thing and has blood checks every 3 months and he is at same doctors surgery as me should i push for regular blood tests

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Hi Helen,

Yes it would be wise to push for a bloodtest, asking to also test: serum B12/ folate/ ferritine and possibly thyroid function as these all can go wrong over time on B12 treatment..

KInd regards,



Well i seen gp and she was insistant that i do get regular tests tried telling her i dont but she would not listen she said my last results were all fine but again it was ages ago about 4 years ago didnt want to push her too much as she was off with me but will mention when i have my next jab in feb about blood tests


The electrical zap feelings on your head got me thinking. I experienced similar discomfort and noticed changes about a month ago when I started taking B3.

In case you have not seen my recent post on benefits of B3, here's the material again:

One of the cheaper yet so overlooked vitamins, I am living proof that B3 is effective to eliminate brain fog in the mornings, and arthritic pain. It is a month that I have followed Dr. Hoffer's instructions and the side effects at the beginning are nothing compared to the serenity and peace I encountered. The achy feeling in the skull and neck cervical vertebrae is disappearing. He recommends it for mental inbalances, aging, etc. etc.

Dr. Hoffer took B3 at 3,000 mgs level for 50 years, and his website centers on the benefits of this vitamin. Currently I take 5,000 mgs spaced through the day, having started at the initial 500 mgs. The flushing effect so well described is quite tolerable and he explains that excess is excreted by the body.

Here's the site in memory of Dr. Abraham Hoffer:


A pesky situation happens when one tries to navigate down the tabs provided but eventually they all come up. The common element amongst all tabs is his valuation of B3, you will see it ...

Give it a try, it is the cheapest of all vitamins !



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