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B12 rock bottom showing irrational behaviour in police custody

Can any body tell me what my sons rights are while he is in police custody? Hi b12 was 161 at last blood count, just started injecting our selves, been in police custody over 16 hours, mental state going up and down like a yo yo, each time the irrational behaviour costing him another charge! Doctor would,nt administer b12 injection because of instructions being German, now they saying they holding him overnight till court Tom because of his mood swings, am currently in reception waiting to slap the 1983 vunrability in custody act, he has not eat and is an emotional wreck, injured also, I'm at my wits end, told them this is down to his blood levels.

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Hi hotcherry,

How old is your son?? and why is he in custody??

Is he self injecting?? and is he eating potassium rich foods while on b12 inj???

if you need help go on the pernicious anemia society for some legal advice.

You'll find the helpline number there.

best of luck



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