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Does anyone manage a fulltime job?

Hi, ive got pernicious anaemia, an under-active thyroid as well as ME (chronic fatigue syndrome). Im desperalely trying to hold down a part time job. Im off work at the moment (GP has booked me off for 1month) says its my ME. Im constantly wake up in the nite with pains in my knees and the sweats. I feel very low in mood. I get a small disability allowance for my ailments but feel i cant cope with work any longer. With the government trying to put people back in work, i was wondering would i be forced or hassled to get a job should i finish.Is there anyone out there who could give me some advice. I feel so desperate and worry constantly about going back to a job i love but cant do.

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Hi Tatto,

Really sorry to hear you are feeling so unwell. Have you had your blood sugars checked? I had 4 months off from work at the beginning of the year feeling tired, lethargic, night sweats and anxious. I had no obvious symptoms of diabetes (I worked at a qualified nurse for 19 years so would have recognised those) but my GP picked up a slightly raised blood sugar on a routine screening and ordered a glucose tolerance test which I failed miserably! I now have PA and Diabetes. My GP is excellent and treats according to symptoms so I have a bizarre regieme of B12 jabs - once every 6 weeks x 3 doses and then every 4 weeks x 3 doses.

I now work in an FE College, full time managing health and care courses. I do get tired sometimes but my team of staff are supportive and the college gives me time off for blood tests, jabs and diabetic clinic etc. They have had reports from GP and occupational health and I am recognised under the DDA.

I know I'll have blips along the way, balance can sometimes be bad and memory can be lost some days but most people understand.

I hope you do feel better enough to go back part time just for the stimulation and challenge, even on less hours.

Sorry I can't advise about specific advice on going back to work but asking for an occupational health referral through work might be a start.

Hope you feel better soon



I work two jobs, one full time, the other part time, and take b12 methylcobalamin injections every other day and liquid multi vitamins every day. I'm tired all the time, and sometimes have difficulty staying awake at work. Ultimately, I would say that it's a combination of doing what you enjoy versus working a job you can't stand. Mixed in there is a measure of how far along you are in your illness. I'm at the early stages of nerve damage as I'm feeling pins and needles I as I type this, but you have to keep going. No one is going to take care of you as well as you.


GET TESTED FOR ADDISON DISEASE...there is likely more going on. your immune system is attacking your thyroid and intrinsic factor in your stomach and is likely attacking other glands as well including your adrenal.


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