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Should i keep persisting to find out the cause?

The specialist i have been seeing at the hospital has explained to me that if they can not find anything from the recent results they have done on me then they will not look into the cause of why i am deficient in B12. They are now looking to see if i have PA, i am a little worried that if i am not i will be left to carry on with my injections (once every two months) and not know if there is something else that is causing my deficiency. Shall i carry on or accept that i will never know??

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It is difficult as the test are so unreliable that a most probably PA is the most likely out come often for people.

But it makes no difference to the treatment and ongoing monitoring and support should allways be part of your treatment.


Thank you for your reply. i will probably get support from my doctor but i think the speacialist is trying to get me to stop going there so i do not need to have anymore tests done. Im hoping they say i have PA and then i do not have to keep looking for answers


If you feel well on your current treatment then there should be no need to worry? But if you are not well then that needs to be investigated, it all can take a lot of time and it just depends on how you are feeling realy. All tests are so unreliable that if you are feeling well on your treatment then I'd leave it untill such time you are not well, then new or other investigations should most probably be done..but that is I supose more a personal choice, and perhaps it also depends on how much faith you have in modern medicine.

Its sometimes a bit like dementia, only after death can it be proiven this or that caused it.


Thank you Marre for your reply years ago...sorry i never replied!! I took your advice and carried on life without looking into the cause but now it has hit me and feeling terrible again. my B12 levels are "normal" but i dont feel normal...i am going back to the doctors today as i dont know what to do and worried it is something other than b12 :(


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