Where should I keep my b12


I have recently obtained a multi dose vial from b12.org.I am confused on the bottle it says refrigerate on the information it says can be stored in a cool ,dark place.

Any advice on what others do on this forum please?

Thanks in advance for your replies.It is very confusing.

Thank goodness we have a place to ask.Many thanks for all your advice that you have been giving me in the past and present

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  • Confusing isn't it? They also say the Expiry Date is for about 12 months but that it 'should' be OK for up to three years. Doesn't exactly fill me with confidence.

    I would keep it in the fridge. But let the syringeful warm up before injecting it. It won't do any harm to do it when cold, but it may hurt more. Keep the syringeful in the dark while it does warm up. Light makes it go off much faster.

    The good thing is that when it does go off it'll mainly go of to hydroxocobalamin, which some may say is preferable to the methyl.

    Personally, I can see little point in bothering with methyl. It's no more 'natural'. It's more difficult to get hold of. It's less stable. Using a multi-dose vial is more hazardous. And the vast majority of the population can easily convert hydroxocobalamin to the different active forms.

  • Why is a multi-dose vial more hazardous, as long as you remember to clean the seal?

  • Why is a multi-dose vial more hazardous, as long as you remember to clean the seal?

    The risk of inserting harmful bacteria into the vial, where it can multiply quite happily, may be small but it's not zero. Even cleaning the seal doesn't eliminate the risk completely.

  • Very true, but a lot of T1 diabetics still use these vials. We can't eliminate all sources of risk.

  • Hi Chocolate41,

    I keep mine in the fridge as advised on the sheet of paper that came with it.


  • Hi fbirder

    On the paper I have it says no need to chill but I think I will keep mine in the fridge in the door compartment so it dosent ice up by mistake! Thanks

  • Hello Chocolate41. I have the same multi dose vial and the same confusing instructions. My understanding, from posts on this forum, is that Methylcobalamin is more unstable than hydroxocobalamin and should be stored below 5C.

    I err on the side of caution and keep mine in the fridge, especially as the manufacturer puts that instruction on the bottle.

    On a different note, have you seen a post I put up recently about this batch of Methylcobalamin, from B12.org, causing extreme stinging, when injected?

    If this happens, don't worry, it won't do you any damage - but it will hurt. A lot.

    There is a fix (search for my previous post) or if you can't find it, post again or send me a PM and I'll send you the 'fix'.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks foggyme yes I did see your post and ouch it did sting!

    But I would rather have it stinging than go without so I am learning to be brave!!

    Mine will be gone before the expiry date I don't really want to use it after that.Just hope I will be able to get more.

  • Apparently, the manufacturer is re-buffering the methyl to reduce the ph (level of acidity) and b12.org are going to purchase more once the 'fix' is in place. But no idea how long this will take.

    To make mine less stingy (reduce the battery acid effect), I add 0.5mls of sterile injectable normal saline to the syringe before I add the methyl. Works a treat - no stingy!

  • Will try it thanks foggyme.

    Why o why should we be doing this though! All GPs seem the same to me.I won't tell mine as someone on this forum had hers stopped altogether at the surgery because she was doing her own!!

    I thought they were meant to be in a caring proffession but I have my doubts sometimes.

    Rant over.

  • Know what you mean Chocolate41.

    My GP would certainly ask me to leave if I told them!

    I have doubts all the time 😖😖😖.

    Disgraceful. Disgraceful. Disgraceful.

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