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Cloudy/hazy vision


Hi, Just wanted to hear from y'all. I have a very good eyesight but lately my eyes seems to be cloudy like may be I have accidentally put a cream in my eyes. Not always but it comes and goes. I don't think I have an infection because my eyes aren't itchy or sore. Then I read someone commenting of B12 deficiency. Do you think I need to up my frequency of injection or do you get them even if you are on sufficient injection amount? Your thought? Thanks.

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There are some natural aging things that happen, for me it started at age 50.

Changes to vitreous fluid can cause “floaters” in the eye that can cause blurry vision that comes and goes. You should see an eye doctor, not just have a vision check.

The vitreous fluid can come away from the retina and, in my wife’s case, tore a piece from her retina, causing lots of sparks and black patches. So please have it checked.

For me, my right eye also has another symptom of blurred vision that does have a correlation to my weekly B12 jab. (Cyano).

You should go and see an optician urgently to check nothing else is going on.


as above - suggest that you double check with an optician - just to make sure there isn't anything untoward going on.

It may be related to effects of b12 or it could even be a form of silent migraine - inability to focus can be a feature for me. It could also be age related - the lens getting harder and muscles that control the lens to let it respond to reading at different distances - that changes with time.

ACritical in reply to Gambit62

I agree with Gambit62, I have these episodes during Migraine (silent, no headache pain but other symptoms, like blurred vision or zig zags, feeling more tired then usual, sometimes a kind of eyeball pain). However, a few days after having my B12 Injection my vision becomes clearer again, also my tinititus reduces to almost not there. I have no idea if it is as a result of the injection, I am just glad it happens.


I would have it checked out , just to be sure.


Erainy. It's not always easy to deduce exactly what people mean when they describe symptoms, but cloudy vision (which can sometimes be intermittent) is more often associated with cataracts.

If your vision is more 'blurry' than cloudy, this can be associated with dry eyes, which can be a result of many things (including B12 deficiency) or age related changes to the lens (as Gambit suggests below)

However, dry eye syndrome would usually be associated more with blurred vision, and burning, itchy, red and painful eyes (which you don't have).

And it could be something else entirely and have nothing at all to do with cataracts, B12 deficiency or age related changes to the eye.

As others have said, suggest you see an optician to get the actual problem identified - the optician can advise about potential remedies or will advise if referral to an ophthalmologist is required.

If nothing else, this will put your mind at rest, and if something does need further attention, it's always better to get it sooner rather than later, especially where eyes are concerned.

Good luck.


I agree, definitley get this checked...i got mine checked and they found nothing ages ago... but i found my vision was getting bad and blurring in and out intermeitatley... along with many other much worse things that concerned me way more ( nothing to do with eyesight) but after my b12 jab started more regularly and higher amounts (theyd lowered it without saying ... new doc different country now) i found it vastly improved my vision... infact it was one of the first things i noticed, as i just thought i was getting old so vision change supprised me.... it was the change i least cared about (pain and breathing and all that stuff went too but was much slower process) but now the more worrying stuffs getting better baring a few things its quite nice, reading is easier.... anyway... in my case b12 seems to have improved my vision blurring /stopped it... it does muldly blurr in and out sometimes... but only near jab time and even then not always...everyones different though

I've been meaning to book an eye test so I'll have to get that sorted out. In the meanwhile I'll up my B12 to see if there is an improvement. I am at that age that could start to affect my eyesight but I have a pilot eyesight, so I was told by an optician. It isn't blurry eye but more cloudy though silent migrain is also a possibility. I just don't know. Thank you everyone. :)


Definitely get them checked but hearing you re B12...

How often do you get your jabs/inject... ?

If you are short of B12 it can affect the nerves between your eyes and brain which can mean you can't seem to see clearly at times, even if you can pass an eyesight test.

If you are getting more regular injections, especially if you have has a lot of damage to repair, then you might be getting short of magnesium.

For the extra B12 to work you are likely to need a wide range of vitamins and minerals and you might find it helpful to take a broad spectrum multivitamin and mineral supplement plus extra folate, potassium, magnesium and iron.

Ahhh ive been doing loads of extra vitimins since general health and scary stuff improved vastly but of past 2 weeks or so symptoms returning very quickly (not too strongly though... still walking so good really... i hear as b12 fix3s stuff the other vits get used up so good to keep them topped) and magnisuim is one i forgot... its in the house somwere... glad i read this at such a random hour :)

Yes I get that sometimes! Mine is like a haze like people are smoking in the room but aren’t. I have hypothyroidism, b-12 deficiency and low ferritin so I thought it was probably related to one of those.

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