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I'm a granny!!


Being put to the test on 6 day b12 injections for a few months now. Was on 2 weekly for a year. First trip as a car passenger 40 miles in 2 years!! I'm a Nursery nurse so pleased i got here to form a legal 'bubble' I know I'm needed as son in law collected me .No midwife home visit or long in hospital.

Such a wonderful feeling toi be of use and have the skills . On more pain relief and not going for a walk.

Steep stairs and a baby enough e exercise. In bed by 7 so lights go on .

I was aiming g to drive myself. Nor possible yet . (Head symptoms. )

So a step in the right direction.

Frustrating no where near functioning like I used to even after a 12 hour night shift. !! but coping g with pain relief.

Thank goodness for own supply of B12 injections .

Thank you all for helping with this

I feel a positive move. Slow but happening.

I used to think where there a will theres a way . Not with this!!

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Congratulations Nackapan!!

And well done!

Baby steps & all that 👍

(Pun intended)

Nackapan in reply to Ritchie1268

Definitely. Thanks

Congratulations!! I hope mum, dad and baby are all well.

Wonderful to have positive news and for you to be able to use your invaluable skills.

Thank goodness for self management.

Take care and slowly does it. X

Nackapan in reply to Narwhal10

Thank you so much .

My daughter is taking her multivit with b12!!

Congratulations- it’s wonderful being a granny!

Well done too on getting there and being able to help - really positive progress!

Nackapan in reply to Janma123

Yes. I'm so pleased. Thank you

CherylclaireForum Support

Well, congratulations to you and your family!

As for being of use - perhaps you haven't taken into account how many people you have helped here ? How many people you have cheered up and/or given advice to ?

I'm really happy that you got there, and that your family have the reassurance of your presence when introducing a new baby into a strangely altered world.

Some things never change - and for those things, you need your mum - and lucky baby to have you for a Granny !

Best wishes to all.

That's really lovely. Thank you. Hope you doing okay.

Perfectly said Cherylclaire. Nackapan has been a Godsend to me.

Indeed! I definitely appreciated all your help and support. Congratulations!

Nackapan how wonderful for you it’ll give you a new lease of life trust me,I’m privileged to have 6 grandchildren and have one great grandchild and they fill me with hope and determination to live my life to its fullest even though I can’t do all the physical stuff I’d like to just the fact that you feel needed again it’s enough for me,the intrusions into your privacy the random questions they ask you the most trivial things that are so important that they just love to share with grandparents are heart warming ,enjoy every minute and know your needed and many congrats again xx

Nackapan in reply to Thrones

Thankyou. You are so right. Hope you okay

Congratulations 🎊🎉👏

12 hour shifts a distant memory for me and even daily b12 injection wouldn't get me anywhere close 😊 but it's wonderful that you can help out and a bonus to be getting lots of granny cuddles.


Nackapan in reply to ellj

Yes 12 shifts a distant memory for me too lol.

Yes the baby seems so familiar . A girl

Dustpan in reply to Nackapan

12-13+hr shifts if not able to leave on time (not maternity) Also a distant memory. 7 grandchildren and one great grandchild and you never stop learning. Iv learned a lot about thyroid just by being on here and still need to ask about something. Shame the Endo’s and GP’s don’t come on here and learn a thing or two. Congrats to all.

Nackapan in reply to Dustpan

Thank you. Wow 7 grandchildren!

Wonderful news so best wishes to you and your family.

Nackapan in reply to Sleepybunny

Thank you.

Awww congratulations that’s amazing 🥰

Yes amazing a good word. 😍thanks

Congratulations, such lovely news!

Nackapan in reply to Sillysteph

Thankyou. Trying to move and use my body after 2 years of trying to get well a challenge.

Loving it though. Such strange times and concentrating on the new life of my granddaughter in a 'bubble ' to stay legal and detached from the outside for a while

Hello Nackapan

I generally sneak over to this forum to enjoy your flower garden and now maybe I can look forward to a beautiful baby, should " baby ' give consent amid the blooms !!!

Congratulations - hope all is well with Mum - such a special time for all of you :

Take good care and my best wishes :

Nackapan in reply to pennyannie

Thankyou. Baby is 'blooming'

Mum doing well

Granny really having to pace and move slowly lol to get through . B12 kicked in today but musnt use it all too quickly.

Congratulations to you all how exciting. It’s such a magical time and you are going to be an amazing granny. Enjoy those precious moments x

Nackapan in reply to Parksy

Thankyou . It's taken me right back to my stint of 5 years on maternity and done my brain the world of good tememberingball the facts of jaundice ect.

Lovely news Nackapan, congrats to all!

Nackapan in reply to Ms_J


So glad in better informed with b12 and breast feeding mums . Also the link between post natal depression and low b12 levels.

Ms_J in reply to Nackapan

I wish I’d known about it before I had my kids.

Enjoy grandmother-hood!

Congratulations to your new mummy and daddy and you ! And welcome to the world to the new addition to your family

Amazing how sometimes a bit of mind over matter can help us achieve what to some is normal but we all know only too well that is just not possible without self injection and our own treatment plan

So onwards and upwards well for me on with my wetsuit and in the sea I go it’s raining but I’ll be wet anyway !

And if I have to say to one more person ‘could you just move to the side a little so I can go down the slip way ‘ ( to get in the sea ) and they ask me why or offer an expletive I may have to get a tattoo on my forehead just saying Back Off🤭

Take care and thank heavens for the new nappies and you are not outside with terry towling ones buckets of nappysan and a mangle to ring them out 😂

Nackapan in reply to Lasue

Get a hat saying it !

Yrs no metal buckets of boiling Terry bappies on the stove here .

Good for you in your wet suit

I'm on painkillers but my inje tion kicking in now . Pace pace rest . Must be careful of the way I'm moving as tending to go into automatic.

Not happy with tbe clocks changing as lights more if a problem here . Makes mr rest though.

Who would think a b12 deficiency csn cause such harm!!

CherylclaireForum Support in reply to Lasue

For the ones who still don't seem to know what 2 metres looks like - tell them it's about the length of a coffin ! Too subtle for them maybe ?

Lasue in reply to Cherylclaire

Well done !

Excellently put!!

Congratulations !

Delighted to hear that wonderful news👍😀

Very best wishes to you all xx

Nackapan in reply to Ghound

Thank you

Grandchildren are a true blessing. Many congratulations, you are amazing x

Oh thank you. You sound experienced!!

congratulations,that's wonderful,best wishes to you and your family xx

Thank you so much. And to tour 'lokes' when I post

I love your posts,they are from the heart x

Congratulations - marvellous that you're able to be there and enjoy it.

Nackapan in reply to ClareP5

Yes . I didnt know if I could Took 3 days to recover from journey as off balance a bit . But with my b12 packed I settled in okay.


Oh Nackapan, so very happy for you!

Congratulations to you all.

I loved hearing about how wonderful it was to use your skills as well. All the best in this wonderful time for you!


(Seeing the word granny made me smile. Made me think of mine. I hope to get over to Ireland one day to walk her steps, so to speak)

Nackapan in reply to Litatamon

Its actually wonderful for my brain I.provements using my brain that has years worth of useful information and practical skills for new parents. Just this baby so familiar . . 🥰

Litatamon in reply to Nackapan

Makes me so happy to hear Nackapan.

Congratulations Granny Nackapan! Grandchildren are the best :-) I also agree with Cherylclaire about you being useful right here on this forum. Thank you for all the help you've given me through your posts here.

Nackapan in reply to btlover

Oh im glad its helped. The forum has been a life saver for me too. I 2as very lost at the start and so I'll.

Granny ..yup will get used to it

Having a positive direction mentally can help in many ways. You deserve a little salvation. Congratulations!

Nackapan in reply to ManCave

Yes you are right. Having a positive direction mentally has really helped me .

My work was always in the caring profession and I'm amazed how much I remember . Just very aware I cant go into automatic and really having to be cautious. I clock off early as so light sensitive so that works.

Congratulations. Grandchildren are a blessing. You are in for such wonderful times. Enjoy them.

Nackapan in reply to barbegrub

Thank you

So wish I could just go for a walk pushing the pram. Just not up to it with b12 deficiency symptoms . Very frustrating.

I'm a Nursery nurse and my first 'proper' job after numerous shop jobs was being a live in nanny.

Then worked on a maternity ward for years.

I loved going to the park pushing the pram.

But yes a lovely time and so glad I could get here. A year ago woukd not have been possible so I'm grateful for that .

The improvements can be so slow but can carry on happening.

Hope you as well as can be .

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