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Interesting B12D Video


Love this channel and this video was on the recent b12d story in the news. You'll enjoy it.

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Very good! I'm impressed.

But they don't address the elephant in the room. "DA's Vitamin B12 blood levels returned normal'. So why did he still have worsening optic neuropathy? Why were his hCys and MMA levels elevated?

We all know the answer to that one - because the B12 blood test is totally useless in these situations. DA was lucky that they did the hCys and MMA tests. Half the doctors we know would have tested serum B12 and told him "Well, it's not caused by your B12, we will have to look elsewhere. Here have this antidepressant'"

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Great to have your erudite and articulate comments .

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Hi fbirder,

Just watched the video, very interesting.

I have always found b12 difficult to understand. I had a deficiency a few years ago and have been injecting b12 ever since. I never feel good after the injections and this always puzzles me, as most people look forward to their next dose and feel better. My levels are high 900's but from what I think you are saying, is that while taking b12, the results will not show the true result. Is this correct? If so, do I need to test MMA and hCy's (Is hCys Homocystine?).

Hope you can help


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No, that's not what I was talking about.

DA wasn't having supplements, was having symptoms, but his levels were still normal.

You are having supplements. I presume that your symptoms are better than they were without treatment and your levels are nice and high.

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Ah ok, now I get it, thanks for explaining:)

Thank you lownskater52 . The more publicity the better for B12 deficiency

Very interesting. I did read about this case.

Thank you for posting!

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Thanks lownskater for showing us this video.

Martyn Hooper said in one of his books* that the medical profession (in more affluent countries) don't find B12 deficiency because they don't expect to find it and so don't look for it . This would in part explain why initial misdiagnosis is so common.

I'm just surprised that this is still so true that a young medical professional says the same thing in this video:

This despite these same countries seeing:

- a developing vegan trend

- a deepening rich/poor division ( food banks an indication of how widespread the problem has become)

- a huge rise in junk food consumption

He called B12 deficiency a "rare" condition - me, I'm not so sure.

Again, there seems to be an assumption that everyone with PA will have abnormally large red blood cells when in 40% of PA cases this is untrue*. A reliance on haematological indications for a PA diagnosis would miss these people out. Another reason why misdiagnosis is so common.

* What You Need to Know About Pernicious Anaemia & Vitamin B12 Deficiency: Martyn Hooper

Brilliant....very well explained.

Thank you for taking time to post this video

Really good information. Found it very helpful

great video. elevated homocysteine and methylmalonic acid are the true markers for functional B12 deficiency at the cell level. macrocytic anemia-enlarged red blood cells also good marker of functional b12 deficiency. Cells of the body that need rapid replacement, such as red blood cells, stomach lining, skin, etc. are the most vulnerable to B12 deficiency because they turn over faster.

Thank you lownskater for sharing. Very interesting, although a wee bit complicated to understand but parts very clear for me.

Thanks that was really interesting. 🙂

I saw a journal article on this case on Medscape. You have to wonder where the hell this kid's parents were. Belgium recently moved to enable parents to face legal action if they restrict a child's diet in a harmful manner, particularly "Veganism."

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