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dementia and B12d article

Hi everyone. I read, just a few weeks ago, a snippet of an article or posting, that from April 1st 2015, anyone presenting with dementia type symptoms, or diagnosed with dementia (can't remember which) is to have bloods taken for a B12 serum test.

Could someone please remind me where I read that/ I am so stupid, I should have bookmarked it at the time, but you know what it's like as you open one page, get a link to another, then another, and another..........

Cheers in advance

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Was it this one Shevie ?

"Laboratory testing should be considered to identify potentially reversible conditions that may mimic dementia. Early identification and aggressive management of such disorders may improve a patient’s thinking and daily function. Which laboratory studies to order is controversial. Some clinicians suggest a detailed laboratory evaluation to include complete blood counts (CBC), chemistry panels, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, thyroid function tests (thyroid-stimulating hormone [TSH] and free thyroxine [FT4]), vitamin B12 level....

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No it wasn't, but thanks anyway because it makes interesting reading! IT was a 'must do' instruction to doctors rather than an explanation of why it was a good idea. Oh well, the search goes on!


Would be very interested if you do find it Shevie - A friend's husband is waiting to be diagnosed....hopefully, his GP seems willing to test B12.


There was a lot of press coverage at the time about the memory clinics ... in part because they were getting overloaded, so there was quite a bit in the press. Sure I read about the recommendation by memory clinics that GPs should check B12 levels of referees that were identified as having mild cognitive impairment in the newspaper ... Times in my case - this came up when I did a Google search.


Not this one, either. It was on a site that we visit on a daily basis but for the life of me, I can't find the wretched thing now. Thanks anyway Gambit62


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