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B12 Deficiency and B1 thiamine deficiency?


I have sub acute degeneration of the spine due to B12. I have demyelination of the myelin sheath and in brain area too. I have been taking B12 injections every other day and have seen a large improvement but still have neurological symptoms. I go to a Naturapath who is amazing, she has literally saved my life as my G.P. has neglected me. She told me to try taking B1 thiamine injections 25mg per day for 2 weeks to see if it helped improve anything. She said she had been looking at my neurological damage and thought that there could be a chance that I was B1 thiamine deficient as well as B12 as I have absorption issues. B1 causes lots of similar neurological damage and is often given to alcoholics. But it is not just alcoholics who are deficient in B1 thiamine, people who have absorption or malnutrition issues can be deficient too. To be honest I have been taking B1 orally every day for the last year as part of a B complex (Stress B by Thorne) and so didn't really think that this would make any difference. I started taking the 25mg B1 injections 4 days ago as well as my B12 injections every other day. Well! O.M.G. I can't believe the difference in me. I feel so good and am walking better and seem to have less neurological symptoms, have more energy, less pain and generally just great. I also feel much more motivated and upbeat and have slept like a log ( usually lots of night disturbances). I actually feel quite normal for the first time in a long time. I know its early days, but I am shocked at the difference in me after just a few days of injections. So I'm hopeful, but will need to see how I am after the two weeks. Anyone else B1 deficient.

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That is great

I really hope it continues.

The thought of feeling a little of my 'old" norm would be wonderful.

Did you have a blood test to fund your defiency?

I'm during bloods soon I wonfer if it can be tested? I might just write it on the form.

montague53 in reply to Nackapan

Hi Nackapan, still feel really good on the B1, so far so good. No I didn't get a test because my G.P. refused to do it. My Naturapath Dr told me to take a trial of 2 weeks injections to see how I did. Thiamine is a water-soluble vitamin so what you don't need pees out. I don't know how long this will last and how much neurological recovery I will make but its the best I have felt in a very long time. Good luck with your blood tests

I just learned about Benfotiamine and ordered some. Apparently it can be absorbed and stored better than regular B1. Perhaps you could try Benfotiamine orally rather than the B1 injections?

montague53 in reply to ChrisG123

Thanks ChrisG123, I have just recently heard about this on a video on youtube by Dr Eric Berg, who highly recommends Benfotiamine. Its apparently better absorbed by the brain and is good for Myelin repair.

I have been on B12+B6+B1 injection for a year now. B12 didn't resolve the muscle issues I had but the combo made huge difference. And I haven't had a drop of alcohol for decade.

High consumption of carbs/sugar drains B1 and that's one common cause why non alcoholics have low B1. Body need B1 to turn carbs into energy.

Or one might just need more B1 on cellular level. We are all different.

I started to feel so much better very fast , now I get injection every 12-16 days. Injection I get has 100 mg B1, 100mg B6 and 1000 mcg B12.

With B1 I use magnesium as it helps storing some B1.

I encourage anyone with digestive symptoms , fatigue , muscle issues etc to try B1. Simple and quite cheap.

Orally one can take up to 1200 mg , for some , high dosage is needed to resolve the symptoms. Naturally for some less is needed.

montague53 in reply to Justiina

Hi Justiina,

Thankyou for your reply. How did you find out that you were B6 deficient and what were your symptoms. I think I might be B6 deficient also. I don't drink also, and am not a big carb eater. I have malabsorption issues and also geneticle B12 in my family. Does your G.P. do your injections.

Hi! It was a study made in Italy about the combo of the vits working for some with chronic fatigue syndrome that caught my doctor's attention.

I wasn't able to recover from physical stress having achy stiff muscles. Could not shake off the lactic acid.

I had low prealbumin(transthyretin) indicating protein deficiency/ malnourishment despite normal diet. My doctor asked if I'd be interested to try the combo injection, I needed B12 anyway. With the combo it was trial and error method, if it would work it would work in 7 days, if no improvement then deficiency of those vitamins were not causing my symptoms.

For me it worked.

Now we try to figure out why I need them, is it functional caused by something else or have for example certain antibiotics ruined my system so bad my body just need more of those vits.

Over here in Finland GP pretty much ignore these type of problems, I was told I am lazy , they ignored me losing a lot of weight despite normal diet etc.

Thanks Justiina, I think Im B6 deficient also and protein deficiency. I take B12 and B1 injections at home. My naturapath Dr says that I have malabsorption issues and that's why I cant absorb these vitamins. She says it's a fungal overgrowth, candida and parasite type problem in my gut and that we have to heal the gut first. I take Biogest which helps with digestion, and Diatomaceous Earth every morning to help clear my gut. Also thiamine helps heal the gut lining too. Thiamine has amazing benefits. There is an interesting video on Youtube of Dr Chandler Marrs, taking about Thiamine deficiency and how widespread it is. Elliot Overton is interviewing her about her book. She is co-author with Dr Derrick Lonsdale of a great book called Thiamine deficiency, Disease, Dysautonomia and high calorie malnutrition. It's all related and causes dysfunctioning Mitochondria and I think you will find it very interesting.

Hi montague53,

Can I ask how you’re doing now with addition of B1, and where you get the injectable B1? Are you administering yourself

Yes! I came to the forum today to search for other people who are healing with both B12 and thiamine.

In my case, I found thiamine first, which reduced my symptoms 50% (was taking them along with B12 sublinguals). Later I began taking B12 injections which really boosted me to almost normal. Thinking I didn't need it anymore, I dropped the thiamine-- which was a mistake. I'm back to taking one or two allithiamine capsules (50mg Allithiamine by Ecological Formulas) per day, and am feeling better again.

Where are you sourcing your thiamine injections? I'm happy taking 1 to 6 allithiamine capsules but it's good to have an alternative.

Hi montague53

It’s a while since you posted this but am interested to know whether you are in the UK as I’m not sure B1 is available by injection?? I am interested in trying it.

Many thanks

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