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Just started self injecting B12 (methylcobalamin form) -- how often should I do it?


I finally got everything I needed to begin self-injecting B12 (I just don't have the strength to face the uphill battle with the doctor at the moment, so just went straight ahead and bought my own B12).

Would someone be kind enough to tell me how often I should self-inject? I know I've read the answer several times, I think Mr Hooper actually told me on the phone when I first joined the PAS...but I just can't remember! I THINK I remember reading that I was meant to continue with the loading doses until my symptoms improved, but I can't remember how often to inject. Every day? Every other day? Every week?

I would also really appreciate it if anyone can recommend a good place to get syringes -- I just got mine from the local pharmacy and he can only get 10 at a time. I'd really prefer to be able to buy them in bulk.

I'm so, so, so grateful for any help anyone can give me. Thank you so much for reading!

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You need to jab daily. I did so for two week. It made such a huge difference and now I jab weekly.

AmethystTrask in reply to Hidden

Thank you very much!

Two things first -

Have you had a B12 injection before? There is a small, but non-zero, chance of anaphylactic shock - which can be fatal. So it's best to have the first injection with a healthcare professional.

Why methylcobalamin? It is less stable, more expensive and more difficult to sources than hydroxocobalamin - which is just as, if not more effective than, methylcobalamin. Indeed, it is very difficult to source in single-injection glass ampoules. Some places will supply it in multi-dose vials. Personally I wouldn't use them at all - far too risky. Methylcobalamin also has a much higher rate of unpleasant side-effect reported.

The recommended regimen for hydroxocobalamin - for people with neurological symptoms - is to have one injections of 1000 mcg every other day until there is no further improvement in symptoms. AFter that you should inject as often as is required to keep the symptoms at bay.

I get my syringes from Amazon - amazon.co.uk/300928-Luer-Sl...

Thank you very much for your answer.

"There is a small, but non-zero, chance of anaphylactic shock" -- live and learn. I'd already done my first one when I posted...

From my reading, both methyl and hydroxo had their upsides and their downsides -- but the main reason I went for methyl is that I could get 40,000mcg for only about £70, which was a big saving compared to other places I was looking at.

You weren't looking in the right places.

100,000 mcg of hydroxocobalamin for £42


I didn't get a notification of this, so I've only just read it. It sounds ideal but it's out of stock!! Sorry to bother you, but can you recommend any similar ones?


Good luck with injecting.

I order my needles and syringes from Praxisdienst.

Needles are here:


Green 21G, 0.80 x 40mm to load the syringe, and

Blue 23G, 0.60 x 25mm for IM injection.

The syringes are:


They come from Germany so the whole order including shipping to UK came to £12.61 for 100 of each.

AmethystTrask in reply to Hidden

Thank you very much, that's a good price.

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