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I'm struggling again. Although on every other day b12 hydroxocobalamin which have made improvements. The last 2 days especially I'm back to absolute exhaustion . I'm on injection 4 after 6 weeks off after loading doses. Has this been part of the healing process for others?

My vision still down despite stronger prescription glasses and still light sensitive and buzzy head and ears. Do I just keep on going and waiting?

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Are you supplementing with folic acid and a daily multivitamin?

I developed an allergy to UV light after B12 injections started. I get hives, then eczema and very itchy skin on exposed areas and takes a long time to heal. l occasionally have some light sensitive issues with my eyes as well, but I think it is the same issue.

I use Sunscreen SPF 100 when I need to work outside and Vit D3 for the lack of sunlight.

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Yes I do take a multi vitamin and folic acid thanks. I'm only sensitive to artificial light which makes evening very isolating. Thasks for reoly

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Have I understood your post correctly? You had the loading doses then a 6 week break and now you started back on alternate days of injections. If this is the case its very early days so just keep going with the alternate days. It all takes time....am afraid.....lol.

I started my jabs back in August, alternate days due to neuro symptoms. Ive only just reduced to two injections per week. I still get fatigue but many of my symptoms have either abated or gone entirely.

Make sure you take low strength b complex with folate to support your b12 jabs.

Hope you feel much better soon now you are on more regular jabs.

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Yes that is right. ill since 1/10 So early days. I'm still not functioning to a level of driving Going food shopping normal home chores like cooking ect. I am out of bed in the day now. I've never had exhaustion like this before so just wondering. Oyher symptoms are improving. I am making myself go for a short walk. 5 minutes so I don't get more ill.

Thanks for reply. It feels like such a long time not being able to do even simple things. How long were you on every other day until you were able to go to twice weekly? I have hydroxocobalamin

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Sorry you have said you were on every other day from August to quite recently so a long time . Glad this is working for you. TC

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