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Why do symptoms fluctuate day to day even though I'm frequently self-injecting?

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I'm self-injecting methylcobalamin about 250 mcg per day. My understanding is that it should stay in the body for 4 or 5 days. So can anyone explain why I have tinnitus, fatigue, headaches, pale/jaundiced complexion, etc, etc, etc some days but don't have these symptoms or don't have them as intensely on other days?

thanks, Jayne (alias: dopey, grumpy, sleepy)

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I really don't know. Some things just don't add up or make sense. Could it be down to activity or sleep or stresses.

Very irritating for you.

I was told by the nurse yesterday batch numbers of b12 are a bit different . Could that be a reason. Would be interested to know if you get to the bottom of it.

I would like to know why as well. I never know what I will feel like from day to day and it is frustrating. I feel like I do the same every day, but every day I either feel ok or not ok or just bad. I have had an ok week and a not ok week at times. Then it switches back to changing daily.

It can be so frustrating I just cry.

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You are so right. You get so that you really don't know what's coming next. Hard to plan anything, so you just have to hope you can do more than just wing it on the day. If there is no way of finding out how you get a good/bad/mediocre day, there is no way to prepare either.

So sad on days when looking after grandchildren doesn't feel like pure joy, because kids know if you are faking it, don't they?

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