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If battling a nasty bug should injections increase?

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Hi all! Ok, so I’ve been battling a nasty cold bug since Christmas Day and the last 2 days I’ve had increased heart rate and what feels like the beginnings of an anxiety attacks. I did take a couple epsom salt bath and they did do the trick except today’s not so much. I inject every other day except Saturday and Sunday but I’m really starting to think that I’m needing to up it until this bug is gone. Hoping someone who has experienced this can help me out. Does anything else get used quite quickly when we are sick? I notice my usual things I need to keep an eye on are my b12, iron, magnesium and vitamin D. I try to keep my diet high in potassium as well.

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I haven't experienced it but I'm not sure if injecting more would help your symptoms. Viruses always make ongoing conditions worse and take a bit longer to get over.

Your body may need more vitamin C to boost your immune system and more fluids. Hope you getting lots of rest.

I wish you well.

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I think I’m more worried about how much b12 is needed in healing. Especially since I need injections frequently as it is to keep deficiency symptoms at bay.


Sorry to hear you're feeling so rough.

If I get ill it plays havoc with all my levels and I get very similar symptoms to you. It certainly won't hurt trying more jabs (B12 is so safe) and I can easily believe it could really help as your body will have gone into overdrive to fight the infection and you will be using up your vitamin and mineral resources to make leucocytes (white blood cells), etc.

The fact that you got a reaction to the magnesium shows that there is room for improvement with extra supplementation so well worth trying a bit more of everything to support the extra B12.

Do you take a broad spectrum multivitamin and mineral supplement plus extra folate? These might also help alongside increasing your fruit and veg intake.

I hope you feel better soon: please remember to give your body plenty of time (weeks) with extra care to fully recover, even when the main symptoms have gone.

Thanks for the reply!

Do take 400 folate which also includes a low dose iron bisglycinate. I just recently started taking vitamin D again but I don’t take a multivitamin. They always wreak havoc on my stomach. However, I’m seriously considering starting. Magnesium, even a lower dose also makes my stomach unhappy so I do the epsom salt baths. 20 minutes is usually enough for me about 3-4 times per week. Funny, I realized I starting feeling “off” after taking a couple of Advil. I have since stopped and have been put on a cough med that is pretty potent and knocks me out but I have no choice as I’m about to cough up a lung. So I’m sure the medication isn’t helping my situation. I’m always so worried when taking medication to mix it even with vitamins. Will have to start up on some vitamins tomorrow. Can’t wait to be healthy again! Yuck! Wishing you a happy and healthy new year!

You sound like you have really got it taped already - but its good to know you're on the right track, isn't it?!

I find the multivitamin and mineral supplements make me feel quite sick if I don't take them with a meal but if I do then they're OK. If I miss them though, after a couple of days, it feels like my batteries are going flat!

Some cough medicines can really upset your heart rhythm - simple, over the counter, Covonia nearly killed me and my Dad got the same reaction whereas I'm OK with other things... it just shows how different we all are!

Hope you're better soon! Happy New Year! x

I would just add that there is so much info re vit D and the effiacy of the immune system (not just about bones and teeth as GP's seem to live in a tunnel with) google Grassroots vit D Council for info and their list of health issues and correlation of vit d blood levels. I know that clinician I know that runs a health group online as well as her practice, has stated that she increases her vit d3 supplement drops to 25,000 iu per day for a few days if feels may be coming down with a cold or something. Please watch this video for info from the scientist who has researched for 30 +yrs about the importance of vit D and why we need everyday as the immune system uses it up. At just 4mins in is a diagram that explains the different forms of vit d absorption and the form the immune system uses. Worth watching youtube.com/watch?v=FbheaUL...

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Plucky11966 in reply to LynneG

Thank you! Will have a look😊

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