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Daily express article on b12

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Apart from the ridiculously incompetent proofreading that you would expect from daily exoress, glad to see b12 getting a mention.

However this extract;

"A deficiency in vitamin B12 causes the number of enzymes that help with digestion to decrease in the bloodstream.

This then increases the amount of waste in the blood(???), which has the potential to cause bad breath"

Have I missed a crucial bit of medical knowledge here or is that meant to say gut instead of blood

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My Google Alert on B12 keeps flagging up articles in the Daily Excess. This one seemed slightly better than the average.

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Saya85 in reply to fbirder

Only very slightly I fear!

But if it gets people to research it then I guess it's done its job.

Wish doctors would also recognise these often overlooked deficincies! Maybe a subscription to the daily express might be in order at every surgery 🤔

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