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Is it ok to go ahead with self injection when feeling so weak


Very weak with headache and zero energy . Can I go ahead ? Iv gad one at docs on Tuesday and self injected Friday of last week . Been feeling so unwell I’m just worried .,taking iron folic acid 400 twice a day and and potassium rich foods . Should I persevere and try every other day as I hoped before I started to feel so unwell

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Iv messed up doing every other day due to feeling weak and brain fog

Hi Andy. I'm over the moon that you have started self injecting. After reading what many people have said, we can feel worse for a while. I know that sometimes after my 2 monthly injections I have felt rubbish but after a few days it did improve. I don't know enough to advise you. Personally I would treat it like a loading dose and give yourself an injection every few days. There are others on here who can advise you much better than I. Could you let me know where you got the injections from and how much it cost including postage and shipping?

Keep going now that you have started Andy. So pleased for you. I'm sure that you will feel better soon. 🌞

wedgewood in reply to Margaret-S

I get my B12 from a German online pharmacy . I buy 100 ampoules at a time , as this is the most economical way . The use by date is about 2 1/2 years hence. The pharmacy I use does not have an English site anymore after changing hands. If your German isn’t good enough , you will need a translation facility . It’s called

Search for Rotexmedica B12 depot . Depot indicates Hydroxocobalamin B12 as opposed to Cynocobalamin. . They are 1mg x 1ml ampoules in 10x 10 packs . 100 cost €48.00 and courier €9.00 . Packs of 10 cost about €8.00 and the courier costs the same, no matter how many you order . They use PayPal and Amazon pay

There is another very good pharmacy called Bodfeldapotheke .de also only in German . who will send to U.K. in English also sells B12 ampoules , but only the first one that comes up will send to U.K. . also sends to UK and has a site in English , but they are more expensive, especially the courier costs .

Have a fish around and see what you come up with .

Hope that this helps you . Best wishes .

Thank you!

If you need a translation option it is easy and safe to install "Google Translate" onto the computer/tablet/smart phone that you are using.

It is simple to use - either copy and paste text into it or set it to automatically translate German (or whatever language you want) to English.

Thank very much . I’m not very I.T. savvy !

Maybe not compared to how "whole life" savvy you are but I'm sure you're better than you give yourself credit for!! 😁 x

Margaret-S in reply to wedgewood

Wedgwood, thankyou for all the I fo you have given me.

A friend of mine who comes from Germany happens to be over there just now visiting her mum. She will help me with translation when she gets home again. I'm definitely not computer savvy , at least not for some things.

Deniseinmilden has given us help with that so might try it. " Nothing ventured...nothing gained"! At least that's what is said. 😀

Anyway , thankyou all for your help.

wedgewood in reply to Margaret-S

Useful to have the friend help you with the German . Once you are totally familiar with the website , you would be able to order from it without understanding German .. I think you have to register first. I can’t remember very well because I’ve been using it for so long. Of course you could ask your friend in Germany to bring you a pack . I have bought B12 in Germany without any trouble . You can just walk in and buy it OTC , though I do remember that the pharmacy that I used only had Cynocobalamin in stock, but they got the Hydroxocobalamin in for me within a few hours .

Thank you Margaret . Back on track , I’m so glad ur asking . I was going to direct you to wedgewood who advises so well xx

Thankyou Andy. Will be looking into it. 🌞

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