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Folic acid and when to start?


Ive had Hashimotos for approx 8 years and medicate with NDT as Levo wasn’t great.

My Vit B12 was low in 2013/14 when I joined here. Getting nowhere with Doctors and Endo, I started to supplement on B12 tablets and Folic Acid.

I’ve recently had another B12 serum blood test and it was 139 (145-625) and Folate 4.1. (<3).

I ordered B12 from germany, Folic acid and Vit B complex getting ready to SI. I’m awaiting my Folic acid.

I write to my Gp and he said as my B12 has decreased over he years, he would like me to make an appointment for B12 injections.

Should I wait for my Folic acid to arrive beforehand?

Also he’s only agreed to one a month over 3 months.


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Btw I stopped the b12 tablets about 4 years ago.


ideally you should start folate after B12- but only needs to be 24-48 hours.

Have you asked why they are not treating you in line with NICE and BCSH guidelines?

Downward trend on B12 is pretty conclusive evidence that you have a B12 absorption problem.

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