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Low b12, paretial antibodies negative, is it PA?


Hi all 👋🏼

Please bear with me, this is my first time posting.

After a loooong time of feel tired beyond belief, low mood, gastro issues and irregular periods (is that a low b12 thing???) my dr tested my b12.

My serum levels came back as 126 and my active b12 was 27.

I’ve just finished the 6 loading doses and actually feel a little better however my parietal cell antibody test came back negative so my dr says it can’t be PA and to come back in 6 months to test my levels

She did folate, Ferratin, vit D etc etc and all came back within normal range, my red blood cells are all normal size so no macrocytic anaemia.

I’m concerned because I’ve read it takes years to become properly deficient in b12 so am I just going to keep getting normal results for years gradually feeling worse and worse until I get to the point I was recently where I couldn’t keep up with full time hours at work - and I’m only 26!

Any help info or advice would be greatly appreciated, particularly if anyone has any research sources (NICE/BMJ etc)


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Hi Emmy that does not seem right what your Doctor is saying about no more injections. Someone more knowledgeable on the NICE guidelines will come in to help you. My parietal cell antibodies did not show up until the 3rd lot of testing, as the test is 50% wrong I believe you cannot rule out PA with just one negative test.

Hi Emmy2018,

I wrote a very detailed set of responses on TiredMomma 's recent thread including links to useful documents and websites. See also pinned posts on this forum.

Can't add more as supposed to be resting my injured arm.

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