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How much iron do we need a day?

I’m reading conflicting amounts all over the internet

Also on pill buying sites..the amounts are strange

Such as this:

Ferrous Fumarate (Equiv. Iron 24mg) 73mg from Sanderson. What is the true amount? 24mg or 73mg?

I take :

Iron (II) glycinate(iron 20 mg) 76.88 mg

By Blackmores..Bio-Iron. 20mg or 76.88?

These two brands are classed as “high dose” on the websites.

What is the true amount from these two brands? Am I getting enough iron from the blackmores? I’m confused by all of the numbers.

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For the ferrous fumarate the. Iron atom is attached to a molecule of fumaric acid. This makes it easier to absorb. When it is absorbed the iron atom separates. The different number means that 73 mg of iron fumarate will produce 24 mg of iron when that separation happens.

Similarly, 76.88 mg of iron bisglycinate will produce 30 mg of iron.

One of either of those every day will provide all the iron you need without the risk of you having too much (as long as you don’t take other iron-containing supplements).


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