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Homocysteine and MMA - an point after first injection?


Does anyone know if it’s worth me doing the homocysteine and MMA tests?

I have already had one B12 injection. So is it now too late to do such a test?

I am starting my loading doses on Monday

Thank you.

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clivealiveForum Support

Hi Ilala as you are scheduled to have loading doses of B12 on Monday anyway I see no point in asking for an MMA test.

A wiser person than I posted "Times for testing


"Taking supplements that contain B12 will affect any tests ordered by your doctor to assess your B12 status. You should not take any supplement with B12 before having your B12 assessed (including MMA/homocysteine/Active B12). For testing intrinsic factor antibodies: keep one week between an injection and the test.


It is also important that your Folate level is monitored as this is essential to process the B12.

There is a complex interaction between folic acid, vitamin B12 and iron. A deficiency of one may be "masked" by excess of another so the three must always be in balance.

Symptoms of a folate deficiency can include:

symptoms related to anaemia

reduced sense of taste


numbness and tingling in the feet and hands

muscle weakness


Folic acid works closely with vitamin B12 in making red blood cells and helps iron function properly in the body

I am not a medically trained person but I've had P.A. (a form of B12 deficiency) for more than 45 years.

I wish you well


Ilala in reply to clivealive

Thank you so much for replying clivealive. That’s very informative and kind of you.

I will forgo the extra tests and save myself some money. Thank you.

You can rely on B12 injections lowering your homocysteine levels . I did test mine before and well after the injections -17 before , down to 4 afterwards. BUT , it’s horribly expensive . As Clivealive says , remember to supplement folic acid as well , or eat loads of green leafy vegetables, including peas .

Tricot in reply to wedgewood

wedgewood, would you mind telling me if you had methylmalonic acid tested at the same time as homocysteine? If so, what did your MMA measure? I had those 2 tests done and homocysteine was just above range (13.87 REF RANGE <13.5) and MMA was OK at O.2 (ref <0.5). I've started supplementing with B6, B9 an B12. How long would you suggest before re-testing?

wedgewood in reply to Tricot

This happened 2 /12 years ago and I didn’t know of MMA testIng then . I would wait with retesting homocysteine until you feel really well again . Maybe it’s cheaper now but I think I paid about £140.00 way back . Best wishes .

Tricot in reply to wedgewood

Thank you. I'm in France and it cost 64€ in March so about £55 at current exchange rates, half that for MMA, plus 10 euros odd to have the blood taken. Seems like a bargain compared to UK - don't get many bargains here!

I would like a homocysteine test because I have high blood pressure and chloesterol, and planned to go for a range of tests at St Thomas' Hospital with Viapath. I started treatment for B12 deficiency last year and knew nothing about testing at that time. I've been wondering if the tests they offer will be affected by my 12 weekly injections,

i.e ActiveB12, TotalB12, MMA, Folate, Homocysteine, Ferritin and VitD (for £135).

I'm getting nowhere with feeling better or having the injections more often, so feel I need to do something myself. I'd appreciate any thoughts.

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