Active b13 mma homocysteine

Hi, would any body be able to tell me whether my taking of b12 will have affected the result of these please, I'm hoping probably not. I had 3 b12 injections 3 months ago (had to stop really bad reaction) also a few attempts at taking oral and sl b12 only over a couple of days (again bad reaction) and nothing in the month prior to test. (I've learnt so much from this great forum thanks so much!)

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  • Yes, both active B12 and MMA will be affected by any supplements taken over the previous few months.

    It might give you an idea as to whether or not the oral supplements actually got into the system.

  • Thanks for your reply, really appreciate it. My b12 was 85 before injections, went up to 400 after injections and then gradually coming down now to 250. Have just had the active b12 result back which is I think really good at 128 range 70 - 108 my GP and I were pleasantly surprised at this, wondered what your thoughts are?

  • The active B12 test suffers from one of the key problems of the B12 serum test - tells you about levels in your blood but not about what is happening at the cell level.

    Symptoms are what really counts - did they improve or not?

    Have you managed to identify exactly what was causing the reaction to the injections and could you say what it was. Some people do find that shots make them feel quite unwell for 24 - 48 hours. Some have problems with skin rashes etc.

  • No I am no better, I still have the same neuro symptoms and all the original b12 symptoms. I had really awful reaction to injections and tablets, very high temperature, pulse of 150, massive increase in neuro symptoms could barely stand for over week afterwards and felt really ill. Nobody is prepared to risk trying any more injections and frankly I feel pretty scared too. Have seen a neurologist today who doesn't seem to think b12 deficiency can be the problem as I am now in range, obviously I disagree. My mum died of Penicious anaemia because she refused to take any more injections as they made her so ill, I really don't know what to do. My GP is really nice but she to thinks that my symptoms can't be my b12 as I am now in range. I obviously think I need to find a way to get some b12 into me but don't really know what to do. My intrinsic factor came back negative but I know this is not always accurate.

  • "Have just had the active b12 result back which is I think really good at 128 range 70 - 108 "

    Active B12 test will probably be affected if you were taking B12 supplements prior to test.See link below. See 4th question

    It might be helpful for you to contact the PAS.


    PAS tel no +44 (0)1656 769 717

    In the library section on PAS website, there is an article with info about doctors who treat people who are allergic to b12. You would need to be a member to access this article.


  • Is it only hydroxo you have had? What were in the oral ones you took?

  • I've had something similar to you and it is scary. I also have increased nerve damage after taking b12. What form of folate where you taking - folate or folic acid? I think you might benefit from seeing an immunologist and or a metabolic medicine consultant, to look at the chemistry going on in your blood. I agree that it's a good idea to contact PAS. Whoever you see it needs to be a consultant that understands b12 because anyone else will start guessing and going down other routes. Really sorry that you are going through this. Keep us posted.

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