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P.A and gallstones?

PA and gallstones?

Hi all. I’m still kicking around with my chronic digestive problems and was just diagnosed with gallbladder stones and a lesion on my pancreas. I read that there is a connection to P.A and gallbladder problems and wanted to know if any others have too? And are you better or worse if you’ve had the gallbladder removed? Thanks

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I had my gall bladder out shortly after being diagnosed with B12D.

Gall stones are mainly cholesterol.

They build up during the B12D and do not go away once you start getting B12 injections.

The pain arises from the spasms that occur when the stones block the bile duct. Typically after eating greasy food, where the gut asks for bile from the gall bladder.

Having the gall bladder out gets rid of those spasms. It is done laparoscopically. I went home from the hospital the next day.

Only side affect is soft stool / wind if I eat too much grease.

I’d say I feel much better with it out.

Are you also gluten (wheat, barley, rye) or casein protein (dairy) intolerant?


Thank you for your response! Yes, I’m also gluten intolerant. I’ve been so nauseous but I read that you can still be nauseous after the surgery! I guess that wasn’t your experience?


Nausea could be a symptom of vagus nerve damage or even of nerve repair.

The two branches of the vagus nerve goes straight from the brain along the front and back of the esophagus to the stomach.

Is the nausea present all the time or does it come and go? Does it precede or follow the B12 injection?


The nausea is not all the time, but 70% of the time. I was less nauseous today and I had my B12 shot today. I’m not sure if that’s always the case though. You seem to know a lot, please keep sharing! I’m most grateful!


Any tinnitus or hearing/balance issues? Nausea can also be connected to ear or ear infections due to the balance sensors in the ear.

For me tinnitus is strong like cicadas chirping in the distance all the time. But I don’t have a nausea symptom.

When I get B12, I get ravenously hungry due to repair of the damage to my vagus nerve.

Do you keep a logbook of all your various symptoms? Measure the severity with your own scale. This has multiple purposes.


Thank you. I do have tinnitus, but it only seems to get bad when it’s time for my B12 shot. It’s a good reminder!


From reading your other posts/threads I saw that you also have Hashimotos. Are you optimally treated for the thyroid - do you have any results with ranges you could share ?

I have Hashimotos and years before the diagnosis my gall bladder was removed - no stones. However I have read there is a connection. I also suffered from Pancreatitis on a regular basis and ended up in hospital before the diagnosis of the gallbladder issue.

Am wondering if you have had Ferritin tested or an Iron Profile. Oxygen is transported around the body by attaching to iron in the red blood cells - simplistically put ! - so low iron = low oxygen = breathlessness. Ferritin is often low with Hashimotos - as is VitD ....

I have B12 deficiency due to surgery for Crohns ....

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Thanks for your response. You’ve had a hard time yourself! My thyroid is a mess right now with all the diarrhea that I had. I went from .25 to 6.0 in a few months.( I don’t know what the measurement is, I only know the numbers). I’m surprised that there aren’t more P.A’s with gallbladder issues as there seems to be a connection in the literature.Did the pancreatitis resolve itself for you?


Yes it did - I had the gall bladder removed - no stones. Just an inflamed mess my surgeon informed me ! Not had any problems at all.

Sounds as if you only have the TSH tested which is only part of the story. How much T4 are you taking ? You need the other tests done - FT4 and FT3 - to know how you are faring. You mention you are gluten intolerant - are you gluten free ?

Are you taking B9 or folate/folic Acid with your B12 injections ?

Low VitD can also cause issues ... it is more than a vitamin - it is an anti-inflammatory - steroidal - pro-hormone and so often low with Hashimotos and other auto-immune issues. If your GP will not test it then you have a postal kit sent from City Assays, Birmingham - website of the same name. 28 GBP's.



You are entitled to have copies of all your blood test results - so you can monitor your progress and check what has been missed :-) They are legally yours ....


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