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Swollen arms and hands b12 deficiency?


I was doing some work (labour) today and my arms and hands fingwrs all swelled. They are back to normal now. Could that be b12 deficiency symptom or something else? My fingers and hands have been swelling since novemver time on and off in the morning when i am walking and so on. Waiting on the urine results to eule b12 def in or out. Test sent last monday.

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personally I don'tn associate B12 deficiency with swelling so think there is probably something else going on


Methylmalonic acid - Urine 0.63 mg/L

Creatinine 0.44 g/l

Methylmalonic acid/creatinine 1.4 mg/g crea < 3.7

Result from Referral Laboratory ID [900]

B12 is fine got results today. Must be my thyroid. All vit and minerals are sound.

Feeling cold. Bruises on thighs from nowwhere. Swelling hands and arms and ankles feet sometimes. Mass hirloss and thinning finer from everywhere. Lack of sweating. Ridges on nails. (Though i think.the ridges are slowly less prominent) no moo s on fingers. Pale nails one.minute terry nails the next. Periods lighter/shorter. Tiredness.

My gamma gt levels are slightly raised but other than that and high tsh that is fluxtuating between 2 to 4.4 with low middle ft3 ft4.

At least ive ruled out b12

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