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Self injecting

Had loading doses in June July of last year. First few did nothing but after 5&6 felt much improved. Didn't last long.

Had maintenance September and November. Not helping

Requested more frequent both times but refused.

Reason given, it wasn't that low, you're not really deficient, it's something else, you have plenty in your system . ...

I'm too scared to go back as I feel I'm being ignored and dismissed and nobody cares.

I have bought all supplies to self inject but a little apprehensive at the moment.

I'm at a loss, do I self inject or go back to docs and try again.

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Dear Dabho ,

I tried very hard to get extra injections , but was dismissed as an hypochondriac. It’s very depressing . So I took the plunge, and it’s changed my life ! Of course you are apprehensive . I was two large gin and tonics apprehensive 2 1/2 years ago. You need to watch some u-tube videos . Make sure you get a fine needle for injection (I use a 1inch 25 gauge ) I inject weekly into my thigh - the middle outer 1/3 part . I use a thicker longer one to extract the B12 ..Alternate between thighs . Observe strict hygiene . Use a alcohol swab on the injection spot and also use it to break open the ampoule( I once cut myself badly on the ampoule ) I do it all very slowly and can honestly say that I have no pain whatsoever .

Dispose of needles in a sharps box .My local chemist accepts the full one for disposal .

I don’t know if I’ve persuaded you to “take the plunge “ but I wish you all the very best in your endeavours to keep well .


"two large gin and tonics apprehensive" :)

Beautifully put!


Hi Debsaf I agree with wedgewood 's post. I had the same treatment from GP's as you and she had. It is very upsetting and depressing.

I recently started self injecting and have had no problems, no pain. I hope you ordered fine needles, I just ordered the ones Wedgewood used.

Good luck, I hope every thing goes well.


where are you getting your injectables? how much do they cost? just curious to compare cost wise. Oh and what does are in the injectables?



B12 from Versandpo.de cost with delivery 62 Euros approx. Syringes, needles, swabs and a sharps box approx £25. I ordered 100 of everything except the sharps box.


do your own loading doses and maintenance, get oral sublingual 3000 mcg dose. I get mine on amazon, and it has no preservatives. I take 3000 mcg twice daily of liquid, and a 2500 mg sublingual tablet DAILY and I"m noticing huge improvements. My doc said same thing "not low enough to cause problems" but he doesn't live in my body, have massive weakness, numbness, tingling, dizziness, mental fog, memory loss... need I go on. it's what we all feel. So, you take the bull by the horn and you treat yourself. You can't overdose on b12 because once your body has sufficient stores of it you just pee the rest out. Loading doses load your liver back up with B12 to use. Right now your tank is empty. Loading doses give you your daily RDA PLUS extra so the extra stores in your liver. sublinguals also bypass the gut so if you're not absorbing via the gut then you're okay with sublinguals (injections also bypass the gut that's why they give them) but injections aren't the only way. Do yourself a favor, order some sublingual in high doses (I even found 5000 mcg tablets on Amazon) and do high doses. I'm at 8500 mcg a day and I'm noticing huge differences and I've only been on it 10 days so far. I can't even begin to tell you how much better I feel. Once the loading doses are over (in about 6 to 8 weeks or I feel hugely better) then I'll go to 3000 mcg a day indefinitely, which using the liquid sublingual I use will be about 12 dollars a month... and I don't need to depend on some ignorant doctor to approve of it. You can still get occasional B12 levels to show you're on the right track but go by your symptoms. watch these too


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I didnt think you could restore liver with b12 . I thought injection bypass the enterohepatic cycle ie not through gut. So wouldnt sublinguals also bypass that process?

Excellent alternive to injections you mention. I have some 5000mcg methyl here that I bought online. Cant remember where from. Brain fog. !

Thank for videos too


Thanks ladies.


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