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Private blood tests by post from Nutristasis

Just wanted to let people know that the lab at St Thomas hospital are not able to send out postal packs for blood tests until approx mid March.

I went on their website yesterday and ordered Active B12 and MMA I paid for the tests plus £12 for postage and the order went through fine. This morning I have received an email saying they are not sending packs but no mention of the £102 I have paid.

I have obviously emailed them and am waiting for their response, but don't understand why they are processing orders knowing they cannot send the packs.

Hope this post is useful to anyone thinking of buying from Nutristasis, I am now going to search for other companies I could use.

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Thanks for letting us know Nettyanne. Hope they process a refund PDQ.



Yes so do I, but it all seems a bit odd to me. Maybe just me being cynical.


Yes, can understand your concern. If I recall correctly, this is a new service that they are just introducing so suspect that the roll-out has not been very well planned.

Fingers crossed that folks are better served once the new service is up and running properly.


I wonder if it might be to do with their planned spring launch of Viapath Nutris. maybe a short gap between the old and new service?


Maybe but I don't understand why they are letting people order the packs and taking the money when the service will not start till mid March.

Seems like poor customer service to me.


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