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Starting to feel better after loading self jabs

Want to thank all of you guys for the help and support on more importantly the advice that you have given me my B12 jabs have started kicking in it's been a week now my hair stop falling out as bad my nails are smoothing the ridged in my brittle nails are smoothing the energies coming back pins and needles tinnitus and brain fog is still there so I'm going to keep doing the loading jobs until I have no further improvement I just wanted to say thank you for everything to every one of you that has helped me and advise me you really do not understand just how much it has helped I was in despair and worried for my health I am forever in your debt


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So very pleased to hear your good news ! 👍👍👍



Pleased to read you are seeing improvements.


Pleased to hear you are starting to feel better and hope you continue to improve

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Where did you buy them please xx


Hi Gilly

You can obtain Hydroxocobalamin B12 from German online pharmacies . I have used ” versandapo.de in English” for over 2 years . Excellent and professional service . I pay €55 for 100 ampoules +€8 for courier .

Needles from Medisave.

Hope this helps



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