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B12 and mind out of kilter

went to my GP today in response to nerve conduction results which he said were OK and any problems were to do with vasculitis?! Said my pins and needles and numbness in legs may be peripheral damage caused by diabetes.I did tell him we checked this 3 months ago and no diabetes then.Needless to say I am not happy as I had to explain that his colleague had sent me to a neurologist and the nerve conduction tests and MRI scans etc were organised by the neurologist and was waiting to see her on Feb 28th.What I am concerned about is my mood as I suffer from SAD but have found myself often so angry and aggressive had fall outs with friends and get almost paranoid about supposed slights that on reflection were probably just thoughtless remarks.THIS IS NOT ME! What is happening to my mind and can this be all to do with B12 deficiency

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apparently prediabetes can cause peripheral neuropathy - not saying it is that but do you know what your HbA1C results were? however, B12 does sound a more likely explanation in your case.

Unfortunately the changes in mood are pretty common amongst people who have problems with B12 levels.


Hello Gambit62 Many thanks for your reply. Do not know what last HbA1C results were they were done with Full bloods last September when I had B12 test.Realise now this was done a week after my 3 month B12 injection which would account for high reading of B12 levels in results! Will ask the surgery if I can get a Diabetes blood test just hope I don't have to see GP but could ask to see nurse instead if necessary.Nursed my husband through bladder and lung cancer for 5 years and he was diabetic so very aware of eating right foods together and not skipping meals to keep sugar levels constant,but I agree diabetes can happen to anyone so will check it.Am waiting to see neurologist after several tests but not until end February,so am about to start self injecting as mood problems now beginning to scare me.


Lots of interesting information in this film, if you haven't already seen it :

As you will see, mood changes, anger and vasculitis are all serious symptoms of B12 deficiency and can cause permanent neurological and psychological damage if not treated adequately.

Sally Pacholok quote on B12 deficiency: "It's this simple, if you haven't ruled it out, you haven't ruled it out".

Very best wishes for better treatment wobblw !


Thanks for letting me know about film and will watch tonight while my lodger friend and work partner is at a golf do.He has finally grasped that this falling over slightly mad woman is suffering from something serious and I really dont mean half the horrible things I shout at him when uncalled- for rages hit me.I have suffered SAD for many years but these irrational bouts of extreme anger are so scary as I have always been the peacemaker and noted for my logic and empathy.Having had a dismal and frustrating appt with my GP and he says all my symptoms are caused by vasculitis and at me age I am lucky I am ordering B12 needles syringes etc and getting a friend who is a nurse to show me where and how to inject.She suggested my work partner could also learn how to do it and he has finally grasped that this is serious and wants to help even though he is squeamish about needles! Feel I am taking control and know that all symptoms are not going to disappear overnight but glad I am not going to end up like my mother and grandmother.Thankyou for the care that everyone seems to have its like a great big family x


I know how difficult it can be as my mild and gentle sister's personality changed. She'd been misdiagnosed with ME for years and, although eventually treated with injections, it had been left too late and the neurological damage was then diagnosed as vasculitis.

So glad you now have support and a plan for injections.

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