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Will taking Prilosec effect b12 levels?

Hi all and Merry Christmas. I was wondering if taking Prilosec will deminish the effects my b12 injections? I ask because I took milk of magnesia before and it depleted my b12. Any help would be appreciated

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Substances that reduce stomach acid can affect the absorption of B12, but not its effectiveness once it gets into the body. So many injections will not be aff cited.


Thank you


1ml Hydroxocobalamin from German site Versandapo de. well established firm with good quality product.

You can also email them on that site for enquiries and quick response.

I purchased 100 ampules for about £55, delivery is quick.

Hydroxocobalamin is most stable form and is what is used in uk.

If you need further info just message me.

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Hi can you put a pic up of the box please.. I want to make sure I’m buying the right thing. Thanks so much


Sorry I don’t knw how to put picture up...I’ve just tried.

It says;

VITAMIN B12 Depot....1mg/1ml

and the company is Rotexmedica.

(From Versandapo de) site.

If u go to the bottom of the page and click on Union Jack 🇬🇧 it will translate the site to English.

It comes in box of 10 ampules. Postage is same if you buy 1 or more than 1 box.

Delivery in 2-3 days.


I don’t think it affects injections but will affect oral intake of B12 in tablet form.


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