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Hi guys

I haven’t posted for a while, but as you’ll see from precious posts I believe I have symptoms although my level is on the lower end of normal.

My GP isn’t convinced I need injections however has consulted a clinician and his feedback was that they thought the same as him however have suggested another test. He wasn’t really clear on what the test was called but has something to do with split levels of b12.

Could this be measuring active and inactive?

Also, he said he was going to send me for a CT scan to rule anything else out.

I have been sent an appointment for an MRI SCAN... whilst I’m grateful he is organising investigations, I can’t help feeling this is over the top!? Im not sure what they are looking for with an MRI SCAN!?

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I wonder if it might be best asking your GP these questions as he’s the one who has organised the tests?

Testing active B12 (holotranscobalamin) is not the only possible test but might throw some light on your symptoms (it confirmed my B12d although I was already below range). Other tests might include MMA.


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