Since i am having tingling over all body,dizziness,fatigue,anxiety,depression and i didnot get the right diagnosis...with in 6 months .because somewhere i have read that if left untreated it will causes irreversible it correct..

And recently i got checked up serum b12 the level is 107.7 and know i am daily having mythylcobalamine and folic acid,and what else i have to tell tbe doctor about tbis problem..and to proceed further....really i feeling very bad after this problems comes in my life...

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  • Ur symptoms strt in 2013 ryt?

  • 2013 September

  • I'm sorry too tell you but yes it is correct that if left untreated it can cause irreversible nerve damage. Mine went left untreated for 3 years and ended up in hospital for 5 weeks, so ill that I was given less than 48 hours had I not gone too hospital. Three years on I still cannot feel my feet, parts of both hands and limited feeling in my lower legs.

  • So.what should i do,??

  • Ur treatment is under neurologist.. Wht ur dr. Says about nerve damage?

  • No.he just suggested to take tablets for 3 weeks and meat and fruits and he told that come after 3 weeks...

  • I am not yet married...

  • Even my hair also faling alot....

  • Sandhya_rani have you had your thyroid checked ?

  • is normal.within the range...

  • Make sure you get regular b12 injections and take your folic acid. Whatever happens don't have them stopped.

  • step back.

    It is not that having neurological symptoms for six months means they will become irreversible, it is that leaving a B12 deficiency untreated for 6 months after neurological symptoms start CAN result in damage that can't be reversed - many people do make a recovery but healing damage to nerves is a slow process so it can take a very long time - months and even years.

  • Ok.

  • Do u feel 24/7 dizziness?

  • are you???

  • I m nt well.. Today i feel my legs heavy nd neck pain ..

  • I am also now feeling leg and foot continuous tingling...but my sincere advice is to be dont panic...

  • Do u also feel like heavy legs?

  • Tingling continuously

  • Sandhya do u know hindi?

  • Thoda samajte hain

  • Acha 👍😊

  • Hai are you?????

  • Abhi me mumbai pe hain na job

  • Me bank of baroda pe scale 1 officer hu

  • Wow tht is great

  • Woyi me ye problem aane ke 2 saal kebaad mila job...bahuth mushkil ye health problem ke bahut fight karke karke....

  • Big salute to u.. Bcz u fight it.. I m going to getting married in Fabruary wth ths health issue i dnt know how i deal wth ths 😑😐

  • Even i am also not yet married.mostly next year...but i dont know how i lead my life further with this problem...

  • Hey.. Ye problem hmare sth lifetime thode rhegi... Dont be so upset

  • I didnt understand this.can you tell me this???

  • Exactly what are your symptoms???

  • My symptom is now ..heavy legs

    Dry mouth

    Balnce problem (dizzy)


    Sometim fast heartbeat

    Neck pain

  • Do you have tinglings???

  • No but some buzzing feeling in foot at times.. Like some nerves are damage.. Nd especially muscle wekness.

  • How old u are

  • 25

  • Khana khya

  • Avi khana n khay myn.. Ap btao apn khaya?

  • Khaya

  • With this problem metally i am degraded a lot...even every minute as of now also...really it us pity on myself

  • I day evrythng will be alrght

  • Even i am also waiting for that...

  • I am praying to the god that nobody shouldbe suffering with thus problem...

  • hai shalinee.not now..but the early times of this problem i used to have 24/7dizziness...

  • Ur dizziness cure how??

  • Yes.what are your symptoms???

  • Hw u cure ur 24/7 dizziness plz tell

  • Even i also dont know...but i know that how painful it is...when we feel 24/7 dizziness....mingle with fruits....and make a habit that should be continuous routine...

  • In 2013 ur symptom strt when u feel ur dizziness gone?

  • 2015

  • Ok

  • I agree that it is difficult to say with certainty that neurological damage is permanent at this point. There is additional information on what to say to a doctor that is located to the right of your post and at the bottom of your post. Your doctor may pay attention to the guidelines that are used by the UK. Most people with your symptoms require injections every other day or everyday. However , there is a slight possibility that that you might benefit from a higher dose tablet or a sublingual. Or maybe a nasal patch or nasal spray if these are available in your country. Also check on your folic acid level. It is hard to take in new information when you are very ill and fearful about your future health. You will read on this forum about people who have had severe neurological symptoms and have recovered sufficiently once they were taking an adequate amount of B12. There is a lot of trial and error involved in determining the right B12 treatment for you. Good luck when you talk to your doctor and hang in there.

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