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High B 12 but deficiency symptoms

Hi everyone I am new here. I was giving back my lab results with High B 12 of 1494 and low vitamin d. I do not take vitamin b 12 supplements and I do not eat enough meat to have my b 12 that high. I have started to correct the vitamin d deficiency. I was wondering if If anybody had some ideas on why this could be. I eat enough to maintain an average b 12 level. I am suffering depression and anxiety as well. I know b 12 contributes to that.

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exactly what symptoms of B12 deficiency do you have.

Was the lab test done by your doctor or privately?

there are a number of conditions that can cause raised B12 - eg liver and renal problems - and lead to a functional B12 deficiency so suggest you speak to your GP and try and get those ruled out.


My last lab was done by my gp and he was just like that is normal. I have fatigue, low grade fever, headaches, problems with my gait and memory problems. Blurry visions, numbness, tingling, breathing problems among others .


suggest you print out the article and show it too your GP and ask them to investigate.


What article ??

Please share



Zeebro ,the one in my first response.


The link doesn't appear to be working, maybe because I'm on a mobile?


I also have high B12 and MTHFR Gene. SoO have difficulty with cellular absorbtion.

Maybe you can explain the basis of the article ??



Everybody has the MTHFR gene.

Most people have one, or more, mutations in that gene.

Virtually none of those mutations have adverse effects.

The only mutation shown to have adverse effects in some people is homozygous C677>T.

That mutation does not affect cellular absorption of B12.


I'm guessing it's a gut issue like IBS or HPylori


The Link won't open up. Can you repost it to me ? Thanks


That link worked !

A fascinating and a very complex detailed analysis.


Thank you


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