Can anyone please help me :(

My GP has basically washed her hands of me today as she doesn't know how to treat me or if I get the bloods I requested how to interpret them. She has initially passed the buck to another GP (who I'd asked to run the bloods last Friday and then when I turned up on Monday for them he hadn't sorted anything) and he is calling me tomorrow. They also didn't retest B12 which was the main reason I was going (at her request)

I said I would pay private for my tests but she said they still wouldn't know what to do or how to interpret them. She suggested I see a private heamatolgist but I really can't afford to :( I asked if I could be referred to an NHS one and then if I needed further bloods that I needed privately then I could pay for them then but she just told me to speak to GP tomorrow about it.

She prescribed me oral cyanacobalomin a couple of weeks ago and I didn't start taking them until I had all tests done. She said today she was pleased i hadn't started taking them as would muddy waters more :(

She's fobbed me off for the last 2 months now. If I change GPs it's just going to delay things further and I'm struggling every day to breathe properly :(

Where can I go to get help?

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  • suggest you see what the doctor has to say tomorrow.

    not very satisfactory and yes, it may well be an encounter with a chocolate teapot but its a bit difficult to really advise before that is sorted.

    On one level its' actually quite positive that you have a GP who is honest enough to own up to the fact that they really don't know what is going on.

    Totally understand your frustrations - sort of where I am in trying to resolve some thyroid issues at the moment.

  • Yeah I guess. I just wish she said that weeks ago and I could have already had a referral to NHS haematologist.

    I hope you get your thyroid issues sorted .

    I'll see what he says tomorrow and take it from there. Just so frustrating when they won't just treat me according to guidelines!

  • If she does not know how to treat you she should - - learn, she could read up the BMJ Guidelines as we do. I had the same trouble but found advice here.

    A suggestion - Ask for print outs of any blood tests you have and post them here. GP's have a habit of saying "Everything is normal" when it is not.

    Cynical - yes but it has happened to many of us.

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