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High B12 and Folic Acid

I am a senior lady 72 years just been thru Mastectomy followed by six doses of chemotherapy in 3 week cycles ie 18 weeks. My blood report is in shambles--Red Blood Corp (RBC) count and WBC count low, B12 and Folic acid v high. (I have been anemic since childhood.) In these 6 cycles I have been thru the usual associated symptoms-- fevers, nausea, tummy runs, fatigue etc. I am on a healthy diet with plenty proteins, veggies and fruit

Last cycle my Doc almost did not permit chemo! Can anyone suggest how I can improve my blood condition?

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do you know exactly which medications you are taking and if your doctor has also given you any vitamin supplements.

Unfortunately chemo can and does make a lot of people very sick.

You don't mention eating meat at all. B12 is only found in animal products - meat/fish/dairy/eggs so it may be that your B12 is high because you are being given B12 shots or supplements to make up for a lack of B12 in your diet.

There are lots of different types of anaemia - iron deficient anaemias are microcytic - smaller red blood cells, whilst the type of anaemia caused by pernicious anaemia and B12 and folate deficiencies is macrocytic (in which your red blood cells are larger and rounder than normal).

This forum isn't really about anaemia - it is about one particular cause of B12 deficiency so probably isn't the right place for you.

Have you spoken to your doctor/nurse about your concerns and what was their advice.

Possible that you may get more specific advice in relation to the chemo on another forum eg one relating to breast cancer.

These are a couple of possible forums that may be more relevant. You can also search for more by going to My Communities and selecting the bottom option Browse Communities




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