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Can anyone advise on B12D treatment in Belgium

I need to see someone medical quickly and currently am living in Brussels - can anyone advise on a good person to see, or even how I arrange it (I have medical cover, I am working here). I just seem to have become so ill I need to do something. After a fainting episode on MOnday I've been ropey, last night the tingling that I get in my feet was bad and also in my arms, and I took an extra jab usually once a week, this is my second this week). After 30 mins it reduced (psychosomatic? who knows)

I know it is hard to get good treatment anywhere -- I have b12d and also some thyroid issues. Is anybody here able to help with advice about treatment in Brussels in particular? I am off to work (long day) but have asked them if they can find me a doctor, but not hopeful and mortified to have explained the problem to my boss (friends urged me to do something)

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UPDATE: Have seen a GP who referred me to an 'internal medicine doctor' - whatever that is, it seems reasonable and that will be Monday. The GP did know about MMA, homocysteine and MTHFR all of which seem reasonable tests for me to take at this point. Assuming they take blood on Monday I think I need them to test these and the usual (ferritin, folate.... anything else people would suggest? It seems as if in the Belgian system if I pay they will do things fairly quickly.... (I have a UK neurologist appt for mid January.....)

Now I'm lying on my sofa looking forward to my usual weekend of sleeping to recover from the week.... after I do one last conference call... :-)


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