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I'm back after finishing my B12 jabs i have contracted campylobacter food poisoning....

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Hi guys been a while since posting hope everyone is well?

i have had such a hard time lately with severe diarrhoea so had a stool sample done & came back as campylobacter food poisoning no one else has it i know. I have had this for 3 months now & nothing is clearing it i have had 2 lots of antibiotics & nothing! I am now going through the natural stage & sodding the dr's off. I have felt a little better since my B12 jabs & due again in December but still really fatigued & memory is still really ba still have pins & needles too but apparently i don't need them till Dec i have to have a MRI & the see a memory consultant next month to rule out brain shrinkage or early dementia i'm also getting checked for ME when the results are back from MRI. I am taking probiotic tablets & only eating foods with it in good for gut foods, zinc & B12 patches.

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Do you still have slow speech?

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MissD1503 in reply to sebbousie

only when fatigue kicks in & stuttering has started too x

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sebbousie in reply to MissD1503

How much treatment did it take to get rid of speech issues

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MissD1503 in reply to sebbousie

Sorry just seen this my heads all over i had 7 jabs then patches speach is still hit and miss i now have the B12 spray which perks me up through the day 😊

Which probiotic are you taking? The best one for food poisoning is Sacchromyces Boullardii. It's a beneficiary yeast that crowds out the bad bacteria. You can get it online from Lamberts or Nutri. Take 1 three times a day till it settles then 1 daily till you feel it's completely gone.

Oops beneficial

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Frodo in reply to Graysondeb

That's useful, had never heard of it. Why don't doctors prescribe it I wonder.

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