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Does anyone know of a good hematologist based in Northern Ireland?

Hi all .... just been to my gp and she says the tests I have asked for need to be done by a specialist. (Pernicious anemia/B12 deficiency/Thyroid function etc) She was nice but to be frank is wasn't a very productive appointment so I need to move onto a specialist now I think as I need a proper diagnosis as to what is wrongoing with me instead of guessing. Myself and my mum have been researching blood specialists in Northern Ireland (where I'm from) but can only find one and there isn't any way to tell if he is good or not. My gp has refered me to NHS endocrinologist but I have to wait at least 8 weeks if not more for an appointment. So have decided to go private whilst on wait for that appointment as I need to get on with my life. So basically seeing as I am paying £200 plus just for an appointment with a hematologist I need to know he/she is a good one and as I say we have only been able to locate 1 in Belfast. So if anyone here is Northern Ireland or Republic of Ireland based that has any experience on where to go I would be so grateful ☺ thank you all

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Hi mdoh 1918, I can't help you with blood specialist, but if you have symptoms of b12 deficiency, and do list all your symptoms, your gp should do blood tests. If you look up NHS Protocol under NHS choices I think your gp takes first line. If she is in doubt after blood test, then you can be referred to specialist but I think, firstly it is her duty to investigate. B12 is not included in full blood test but if requested should be no issue. This also applies to tests for PA , and thyroid. Kind regards


Hi thanks for the replyear. I've tried that already my gp is especially bad. My mum is a nurse and came into the appointment with me and showed her the paperwork to prove that I should be treated for b12 deficiency every other day but she just said no, that my previous b12 tests came back OK. She has lost my hollow tc test and she says she is not allowed to test my thyroid as the basically thyroid has come back in range even though I have every symptom under the sun. Anyway I've found a private clinic in Dublin that has said will do the thyroid tests I need, then I am changing doctors. Thanks anyway..

I can't waste anymore time in getting tested properly as I am meant to be going away next year and need too get on the road to recovery asap ☺☺

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Hi, I’m from Northern Ireland too and having problems getting a diagnosis with my GP as well. I was wondering if you had any luck finding a good doctor who could help you? I know you wrote this post quite a few months ago but hopefully you will still be able to see it. TIA Catherine


I'm in NI too. Years of symptoms. Great GP ran the tests, diagnosed and injections started within 2 weeks. Every other day for 2 weeks. Now every 3 months. Blood levels are now good again but I feel injection wears off in half the time and long for the next one. I feel wiped out most of the time. Seem to be having problems with central nervous system too, apparently as aa result of. Dentist can't freeze me any more. Injections don't end the deficiency


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